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Two Elite Toa, Norjhiko and Conleroth, arrived on Terros-Nui to defeat Ak'Rei'An and wipe all evil undead off the face of the island. The elite Toa have already succeeded on several other islands. It is considered their job to wipe out all evil undead from the entire planet.

Soon after arrival, the split up to attack the Brotherhood's bases. Norjhiko managed to destroy NightmareMirage, stealing some of the hidden Energized Protodermis. He also was able to steal a purple lightstone for analyzing. Meanwhile, Conleroth had discovered the presence of DarkMine in Onu-Terros. He unsuccessfully attacked the temple. He was driven off, but left alone by the undead.

The two, after reuniting in Zwalheider, began to prepare to build a base. They took turns making bricks, laying bricks, gathering trees, and many other things. It was during this time that they received another member, Jadus, the undead Toa who does not follow Ak'Rei'An. They were happy to have a new friend.

Also joining them, during a battle with the Seeper, were their old friends, Donum and Duplium. They are Piraka with Toa Metru bodies. The possess most interesting powers. Donum can absorb, store and transfer powers to and from living and undead beings. Duplium can duplicate any non-living or non-undead object.

Soon after the base was complete, Gratcia, Carlos, and four other undead Matoran joined up with the SpiritBreakers. With the aid of nine allies, the SpiritBreakers split up to accomplish missions. Norjhiko, Donum, Gratcia, and one of the undead Matoran went to find and kill a Rahi so the eleven could all have backpacks. Conleroth, Duplium, Carlos, and another undead matoran went to get allied with CORtech, a guild known for fighting the BoA.

Norjhiko's team did well, even though he got trampled by a Fader Bull. Donum absorbed teleportation powers and killed one of the Fader Bulls. They soon went back to the base in Zwalheider. There they waited for the other team.

The other team however did poorly. They met the mercenaries and fought with them in a battle against the Brotherhood. Distracted from their mission, they wandered around for a while. Then finally they went into the CORtech facilities--or at least tried. A guard stopped them, but an impatient Conleroth used a Kamau Duplium had given him. Once in the facility the team was stopped by security.

Duplium thought he could sweet-talk his way out of the situation, but it didn't seem to work. The group managed to get out, without being thrown in jail.

When the two groups were reunited, they traveled to Ga-Terros to help free Norjhiko from the Brotherhood. The battle was anything but pleasant. THe plan was to teleport in, get Norjhiko, and come back out, but the Brotherhood managed to notice. The result was a summoned Wadjet and an exhausted Gratcia. The SpiritBreakers managed to teleport back to their Zwalheider base.

Sido, Kav and the Wadjet followed the SBs there. Nali was waiting. This resulted in a much longer-lived battle, that still continues. Since all are members of the Air Force, Donum's Army Captain undead powers didn't do much use. A regenerator he summoned was useless. The battle raged for some time, containing very many threats to both sides, inclusion Nuclear fision. Finally, Donum managed to summon somthing useful, a halfbreed with the features of a Doom Viper, and the wings of a Gukko. It worked. Two Black Lohrak were stuck down, and eventually the Wadjet failed. But the battle continues.

Norjhiko is tiring and burned, Conleroth is tiring from containing a black hole, Carlos is suffering a headache, and Donum is exhausted. The Brotherhood shows no sign of weakening.

Nicknamed "StupidBreakerss" by the BoA.

The Exiles

This group of Nogans and Toa are lead by the villainous Verkai, and wish to eradicate the Pure Nogans (ones allied with the BoD).

For more information, please see The Exiles.


This guild has attacked the BoA on several occasion. The Seige of CORtech greatly disrupted their patience with the Brotherhood.

After the Kedervi Vanguard had locked down Ga-Terros (with Zuto-Nui's authorization) and Onu-Terros, where Blackwave and Darkmine were, they along with CORtech attacked Blackwave, which was soon destroyed along with the successful capture of Aegis Zakris, leaving CORtech victorious.

Kedervi Vanguard

Since the BoA have harassed CORtech in the past, being allies with them only meant that the Vanguard would come in to oppose the BoA. They, along with the Kessels, are on the Vanguard's list of destruction.

The Vanguard have officially attacked the BoA only once in Ga-Terros. After locking the region down, the Kedervi proceeded to obliterate Blackwave due to the fact that the BoA were in possession of biological weapons when no cure for the virus could be found.

Blackwave was quickly destroyed by superior fire power with CORtech's help. In the end, Aegis gave himself up to spare the other BoA from further annihilation.

Hired Hunters

The Hired Hunters are the Anti-BoA half of Bob's Mercenary group. They have fought many times with the BoA, including the uprooting of a section of Le-terros. Members include: Peku Blur Wekima Riek Terminator and Flam. Wekima, Blur, Flam, and Riek are the most hated members. Wekima has outright attacked Varya many times, including injecting her with the virus. Blur has shot both Kroth and Sidorahk in the eyes. Flam is mostly a nuicence to Demusnoc and Nali. He will attack the brotherhood in every way imaginable. (And other ways too.) Riek has point blank shot both Rakatan and Om. They are hated by many, including and mostly Varya.

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