Energía el Ocho (translated: Energy on 8; full title: El chico de la Energía en ocho (translates: The Energy Boy on 8) is a Mexican-animated cartoon series that is the top watched cartoon in Mexico. The cartoon is a parody of that of El Chavo del Ocho and El Chapulín Colorado. The cartoon features the lead voice of popular Mexican clown, Cepillin as the voice of Chae-Chae, the main character.

An English dub version of the series aired in August 2011 featuring a new composed theme song, removal scenes of violence or references through Spanish culture and it's redubbed with celebrity voice overs including Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Henry Winkler, Adam Pascal and others.


This series features the adventures of a young boy named Chae-Chae who does wacky adventures in his imaginative and crazy neighborhood known as "The Hoods". A backup segment appears in the series titled "El poder del hombre hormiga" (translated: Power Ant Man) which is a parody of El Chapulin Colorado which features the adventures of a Spanish-speaking superhero in Mexico City.


  • Chae-Chae: A misunderstooded 10-year old boy who has a vivid imagination and goes on wicked adventures with his best friends. His catchphrase is "It's true, it's true, it's true" which is "Eso, eso, eso" in the original dub. His counterpart is the titular character from El Chavo.
  • Kwesai: A spoiled brat who is Chae-Chae's best friend and is the one who has the gadgets for most of his plans. His counterpart is Quico from El Chavo.
  • Lozo: A clever and sneaky thief who is known for stealing Mr. Nacasaden's quisadillas and can keep a secret for Chae-Chae. He is made fun of because of his weight. His counterpart is Nono from El Chavo.
  • Patricia: A tomboy who is an exchange student from Tennesee who Chae-Chae has a crush on. Her counterpart is Paty from El Chavo.
  • Princess: A selfish, greedy and mean girl who is Kwesai's cousin twiced removed. She has a crush on Chae-Chae and Gordon. She always carries her stuffed teddy bear named Chachi. Her counterpart is Popis from El Chavo.
  • Mr. Nacasaden: A widower who never pays for his apartment rents. He has a rivalry against Chae-Chae due to his incompitance and mischevious behavior. His counterpart is Don Ramon from El Chavo.
  • Professor Frijoles/Thinkleback: The teacher of the children characters of the series. He is also a pacifist, refusing violence and disliking it. Whenever he gets angry he shouts "NO!!!" ten times. His counterpart is Professor Jirafales from El Chavo.
  • Ceselliee Casadilla: The mother of Kwesai who is a widow since her husband died during a sea war. She has a crush on Professor Frijoles/Thinkleback. Her counterpart is Dona Florinda from El Chavo.
  • Mr. Fredrickson/Barragia: The landlord of Junction Armbuckle; the apartment where Chae-Chae, Mr. Nacasaden and Nozo live. He is the father of Lozo. He almost succeded on collecting rent from mr. nacasaden but only gets distracted and bruised either purposly or accidentally by Chae-Chae. His counterpart is Mr. Barriga from El Chavo.
  • Martha Doolin: A retired women who is madly in love with Mr. Nacasaden. She is known as the Witch of Apartment 17 by most of the children characters. Her counterpart is Dona Cleotilde from El Chavo.
  • Mr. Ronaldo Oakley: A postal worker who is forgetful during the mails. He never learned how to ride a bike. His counterpart is Jaimito, el cartero from El Chavo.


  • Chae Chae - Nathan Kress (Spanish voice done by Cepillin)
  • Kwesai - Jerry Trainor (the second season replaced by Adam Sandler)
  • Lozo - Noah Munck
  • Patricia - Debby Ryan
  • Princess - Miranda Cosgrove
  • Mr. Nacasaden - Henry Winkler
  • Professor Thinkleback - Adam Pascal
  • Ms. Casadilla - Jane Lynch
  • Mr. Fredrickson - Kevin Michael Richardson
  • Ms. Doolin - June Foray, Grey DeLisle (as the Witch of Apartment 17)
  • Mr. Oakley - David Kelly
  • Power Ant Man - Roberto Gomez Bolanes (both dubs)

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