Energy Chä is the oddest and most deadly Chä known to any Chäotic. Below are the details.

Energy Chä can only be used by people of the Emotional, Intellect, Spectral, Hero, or Corrupt classes and can be used by ANY alignment. It's powers are very odd, seeing as the alignments don't have any specific powers.


Energy Chäotics can control, store, use, and expel any form of Energy. Thus they are undisputed the most powerful Chäotics ever known. Below are examples of the Energies:

  • Thermal
  • Kinetic
  • Electrical
  • Solar
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Psi
  • Spirit
  • Nuclear
  • Aether

The one downside to being an Energy Chäotic is, you are most likely going to die. Actually, you WILL die, much sooner than you should. Chäotics who have used Thermal energy have been known to melt themselves, Spectral users merely pass into a spirit, Mental users go insane and... the Nuclear ones? Very, very bad things happen to them.

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