Name: Energywitch

Codename: Guardian witch

Gender: Female

Height: 4 feet 10 inches

Weight: 130

Nationality: Peruvian but can easily speak english

Appearance: Brown hair tied in a loose ponytail, brown eyes, wears Black hogwarts cloak, pink t shirt, blue jeans and sneakers

Weapon: Some Magic, Her wand, spells and martial arts

Powers: Has the power of electricity, can produce a Powerful Patronus at Dementors, and various other useful spells

Patronus: Tyrannosaurus rex

Hobbies: Drawing and tracing, Art, watching TV, playing computer games, taking naps

Personality: Generous, true, stubborn, intuitive, Likes to keep a low profile to avoid trouble, Speaks her mind when necessary and always thoughtful in some situations like if anything or anyone looks suspicious.

Background history: What's to explain? Typical mortal with a monotone life until she receives a Hogwarts letter, had a little help in Diagon alley. Nowadays, she's helping a few characters fight a few enemies, and prefers to hang out a little with her fave charcters cuz for one thing there's adventure and fun ahead.

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