:Jacob was from a standard white suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. He was born into a standard white suburban family. Life was fairly normal until his brother just disappeared one day. His disappearance concerned his family, but his return turned life on its head. Three days later he returned, and he was babbling about things no one could see. His parents had him committed under a doctor’s recommendation, and they quickly worked to forget their son’s sudden mania. Jacob was dissatisfied with his parents’ reaction, and he was convinced his brother was telling the truth. So he ran off.
Jacob ended up in NYC, and he soon realized that he was farther from freedom then ever. He found himself the target of pedophiles and drug abusers. He found himself a punching bag for the cops, and he soon found himself :existing the only place he felt safe. The sewers. There he was safe. In the cold comfort of the dark tunnels, he understood it was only a matter of time before he died from exposure, hunger or worse. Then he met the man in black. A man who offered food for friendship.
Over the next few weeks, the man offered much help to Jacob. He taught Jacob how to survive in the darkness, and how to thrive without the aid of others. He taught Jacob self-reliance. In exchange, he asked Jacob to seek out people who lacked meaning in their lives. He was to find like others like himself, and to bring them to him. This was the beginning of the Eyes of the Ebony Master.
The Eyes of the Ebony Master looked to Jacob as their leader, and as he began to wear all white so did they. It became their uniform. It became their trademark. The cult would gather sustenance in form of animals for their master, and they would begin to gather materials at their master’s whim. Over time the animal sacrifices became human sacrifices, and Jacob began to commit many atrocities in the name of his master. In order to give his ethereal master a more corporal form, Jacob was willing to do anything. Despite the value of his loyal servant, the man still offered him the choice to leave. Jacob was the given the choice between living on his own, and living a life of sin. Jacob chose to sin, and to sin again.
Then one day, his Ethereal master came to him, and he told Jacob where his brother was being held. Jacob rushed off to the Asylum, and he broke his brother out. However, he did it at the cost of several lives. The mission was a success, but it left a sour taste in Jacob’s mouth. He returned to his master’s new temple, and he found himself faced with a horrorifing scene. The temple was a scene of total decadence and human sacrifice. Jacob decided at that moment to abandon them, because he was horrified by the actions of his cult, and of his master’s approval of it.

His master did not stop him. Jacob escaped with help. Living under the assumed name of Nomad, Jacob has found a place in the home of Pygmalion and Arachne. He has found purpose in the service to his new master, Lullaby. He has found hope for his future.

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