Engine TUGS-Featuring Duck and Thomas is a Thomas/TUGS Parody Series. It is all about Duck the Great Western Engine, The Fat Controller's first engine, Boco the Diesel Engine, The Fat Controller's scoend engine, Gordon the Big Engine, The Fat Controller's third engine, James the Red Engine, The Fat Controller's fourth engine, Percy the Green Engine, The Fat Controller's fith engine, Victor the Red Tank Engine, The Fat Controller's sixth engine, Thomas the Tank Engine, The Fat Controller's seventh engine and Stepney the Bluebell Engine, The Fat Controller's eighth engine and The Fat Controller's rival is Diesel 10 who has devious engines called Old Stuck Up, Diesel 10's first engine, Arry the Ironworks Diesel, Diesel 10's scoend engine, Bert the Ironworks Diesel, Diesel 10's third engine, Devious Diesel, Diesel 10's fourth engine and Dennis the Grey Diesel, Diesel 10's last engine and with Diesel 1984 and Scott Evil often.


  • Duck as Ten Cents
  • Boco as Big Mac
  • Gordon as OJ
  • James as Top Hat
  • Percy as Warrior
  • Victor as Hercules
  • Thomas as Sunshine
  • Stepney as Grampus
  • and more

See Also

  • Thomas - Thomas arrives on the island.
  • Trapped - A Big Tramp Steamer gets stuck and traps Diesel, James, Thomas, Gordon and Boco.
  • High Winds - Diesel 1984 arrives on the island and make Arry do some flavors for him.
  • Percy - Percy works with Boco on rock divers.
  • 4th of July - The Other Engines must save Stepney before Scott Evil blows him up.
  • and more

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