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Engine TUGS-Featuring Sir Handel and Freddie is a Thomas and Skarloey/TUGS parody series. It is about Sir Handel, Oliver, Skarloey, James, Duck, Thomas and Freddie and their leader, Mr. Percival.


  • Sir Handel (from Skarloey) as Ten Cents
  • Oliver (from Thomas and Friends) as Big Mac
  • Skarloey (from Skarloey) as OJ
  • James (from Thomas and Friends) as Top Hat
  • Duck (from Thomas and Friends) as Warrior
  • Thomas (from Thomas and Friends) as Hercules
  • Freddie (from Skarloey) as Sunshine
  • Duke (from Skarloey) as Grampus
  • Mr. Percival (from Skarloey) as Captain Star
  • Duncan (from Skarloey) as Zorran
  • Bulgy (from Thomas and Friends) as Zebedee
  • Smudger (from Skarloey) as Zak
  • Bill (from Thomas and Friends) as Zug
  • Ben (from Thomas and Friends) as Zip
  • Spencer (from Thomas and Friends) as Captain Zero
  • Rosie (from Thomas and Friends) as Boomer (I know, Rosie is female)
  • Hiro (from Thomas and Friends) as Izzy Gomez
  • Madge (from Skarloey) as Lillie Lightship
  • Percy (from Thomas and Friends) as Sea Rogue
  • Gordon (from Thomas and Friends) as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Arry & Bert (from Thomas and Friends) as The Pirates
  • Diesel (from Thomas and Friends) as Bluenose
  • Rusty (from Skarloey) as Fire Tug
  • Salty (from Thomas and Friends) as Billy Shoepack
  • Peter Sam (from Skarloey) as The Coast Guard
  • Rheneas (from Skarloey) as The Messenger
  • George (from Thomas and Friends) as Johnny Cuba
  • The Spiteful Breakvan (from Thomas and Friends) as Nantucket


  1. Freddie: Freddie arrives on Sodor.
  2. Pirate: An engine is stealing trucks.
  3. Trapped: A big hopper gets stuck and traps Bill, James, Freddie, Oliver and Skarloey.
  4. Jinxed: Sir Handel and Freddie meet an unlucky named Rosie.
  5. Quaratine: Skarloey almost gets scrapped.
  6. High Winds: George comes to Sodor and makes Bulgy do some favors for him.
  7. Ghosts: All the engines are seeing white engines at night.
  8. Up Rails: Freddie gets stuck in a log jam.
  9. Duck: Duck works with Oliver on rock deliveries.
  10. High Tide: Oliver and Duck compete against Bulgy and Smudger on the steel contract.
  11. Munitions: Diesel starts a fire.
  12. Regetta: The engines must save Duke before Diesel blows him up.
  13. Sodor Freeze: Sir Handel and Freddie must find fuel for Madge before the special express passes Sodor.

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