Engine TUGS-Featuring Thomas and Harold is a Thomas/TUGS Parody Series. It is all about Thomas the Tank Engine, The Fat Controller's first engine, Toby the Tram Engine, The Fat Controller's scoend engine, Salty the Dockyard Diesel, The Fat Controller's third engine, Bill, The Fat Controller's fourth engine, Ben, The Fat Controller's fith engine, Victor, The Fat Controller's sixth engine, Harold the Helicopter, The Fat Controller's seventh engine and Henry the Green Engine, The Fat Controller's eighth engine and The Fat Controller's rival is Hector the Coal Hopper who has devious engines called Devious Diesel, Hector's first engine, Sixteen, Hector's scoend engine, and All Engines Hector has and with Diesel 10 and The Angry Policeman often.


  • Thomas as Ten Cents
  • and more


  • Harold - Harold arrives on the island.
  • Trapped - A Troublesome Truck get stuck at night and traps Duncan, Bill, Toby, Harold and Salty.
  • High Winds - Diesel 10 arrives on the island and make Sixteen do some flavors for him.
  • Jinxed - Thomas and Harold meet an unlucky blue tender engine named Gordon.
  • 4th of July - The Other Engines must save Henry before The Angry Policeman blows him up.
  • and more

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