Engine TUGS-Featuring Thomas and James 4 is a Thomas/TUGS Parody Series. It is all about Thomas the Tank Engine, The Fat Controller's first engine, Duck the Great Western Engine, The Fat Controller's scoend engine, Boco the Diesel Engine, The Fat Controller's third engine, Mallard, The Fat Controller's fourth engine, Harvey the Crane Engine, The Fat Controller's fith engine, Gordon the Big Engine, The Fat Controller's sixth engine, James the Red Engine, The Fat Controller's seventh engine, Percy the Small Engine, The Fat Controller's eighth engine and Donald and Douglas, Mallard's Railway Engines and Sir Topham Hatt's rival is Diesel 10 who has devious engines called Devious Diesel, Diesel 10's first engine, Derek, Diesel 10's sceond engine, Rusty the Little Diesel, Diesel 10's third engine, Duncan, Diesel 10's fourth engine and Hector the Coal Hopper, Diesel 10's last engine and with Diesel 1984 and The Angry Policeman often.


  • Thomas as Ten Cents
  • and more


  • James - James arrives on the island.
  • Trapped - A Big Tramp Steamer gets stuck and traps Duncan, Mallard, Duck, Boco and James.
  • High Winds - Diesel 1984 arrives on the island and make Derek do some flavors for him.
  • Jinxed - Thomas and James meet an unlucky sliver tank engine named Stanley.
  • Harvey - Harvey works with Duck on rock divers.
  • 4th of July - The Other Engines must save Percy before The Angry Policeman blows him up.
  • and more