Engines on Sodor is a direct-to-video series. These 4 episodes feature the return of "Great Waterton" broken bridge. It is released in the US on July 1, 2012 and in the US on September 20, 2012. All episodes are narrated by Ringo Starr.


1. Edward to the Rescue: Edward warns Diesel about the old mine. But Diesel, who ingnores to the blue kind tender engine, doesn't listen. Edward tells a new tender engine named Woody about Diesel. Woody suggests Diesel is a show-off. Diesel is still impatcince and grumbling about Edward's warnings until - he finds himself lost in the old mine like Thomas does. And Diesel flies into the ravine, slidig to a stop. Edward rushes to the rescue and puts Diesel back onto the tracks. Diesel gets punished by the Mean Controller.

  • Interducing: Thomas, Edward, Duck, Neil, Diesel, Woody, the Fat Controller and the Mean Controller.
  • Interducing Woody.

2. Bear Attack: Duck is sent to work with Bear. But Bear has an accident. Duck comes to the rescue.

  • Featuring: Duck, Bear, and the Fat Controller.

3. A Bad Sight: Gorden the Stubborn Tank Engine is on a sidning when Duck shunts him and takes him to the yards. Duck sends Gorden to the trains. Gorden is more cross. And he buffers to his train as Duck watches him go. Gorden is still grumbling when his brakes snap! He rolls up a mountation. Gorden derails and falls down the cliffs, landing on the ground, comepleatly wrecked! Luckly Gorden has damaged a pole. Then Harvey arrives with Thomas and Duck. He clears the unhurt trucks and helps Gorden to the trash. Thomas goes back to the Branch Line Sheds with Percy, Toby and Neil. Gorden is gone and wrecked.

  • Featuring Thomas, Percy, Toby, Duck, Neil, Gorden and the Fat Controller.
  • Interducing Gorden.

4. Sir Handel and Sir Hamlet: Sir Handel meets a new orange twin engine named Sir Hamlet. Sir Hamlet has a evily, raspy voice like Diesel does and a deep whistle. Sir Handel tells Sir Hamlet about this. Sir Hamlet has a bad attitude. Sir Handel reckons on Sir Hamlet's recklessness. Sir Hamlet is very cross untill he derails. Sir Handel comes to the rescue and puts Sir Hamlet back on the tracks.

  • Featuring: Skarloey, Sir Handel & Sir Hamlet and Mr Princpal.
  • Interducing: Sir Hamlet
  • Ringo Starr makes Sir Hamlet sound like Stewie from Family Guy

Character included

  • Gordon
  • Sir Handel


Song is "Engines on Sodor".

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