Enid Blyton's Enchanted Land


  • Cinks (Voiced by Richaed Pearce)
  • Mollie (Voiced by Julia Harrison)
  • The Magician (Voiced by Mark Channon)
  • HO HO Wizard (Voiced by Nigel Pegram)
  • Sally the Witch (Voiced by Adrienne Posta)
  • Peter, Joe (Voiced by David Holt)
  • The Elves (Voiced by Julia Harrison)
  • Dangermouse (Voiced by Sir David Jason)
  • Penford (Voiced by the late Terry Scott)
  • Moonface (Voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • The Sauce Panman (Voiced by Ray Hudd)
  • Silky the Fairy, Mama Bear (Voiced by Kate Harbour)
  • Papa Bear (Voiced by John Baddeley)
  • Beth, Fanny (Voiced by Janet James)

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