Regulación y Redes

Enlaces sobre Regulacion de las Telecomunicaciones

Analysys Provides good research reports on telecommunications, primarily in Europe.

Columbia's Virtual Information Institute of Information Good source of thoughtful papers and discussion on telecommunications policy.

Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization (CTO) CTO is a partnership between Commonwealth governments and telecommunication businesses to promote ICT in the interests of consumers, business, and social and economics development . An educational nonprofit site dedicated to raising awareness of and participation in federal Internet policy.

International Telecommunications Society The International Telecommunications Society (ITS) is an association of professionals in the information, communications, and technology sectors and an independent, non-aligned and not-for-profit organization with a worldwide network.

IRGIS IRGIS is a system created by the Independent Regulators Group to establish an information-finding mechanism regarding the telecommunications sector in Europe. This link connects to their helpful links page.

International Telecommunication Union The ITU fosters international cooperation for the improvement and use of telecommunications of all kinds, coordinates usage of radio and TV frequencies, promotes safety measures and conducts research., Inc. is an umbrella, not-for-profit, membership organization that represents Florida's diverse technology community on a statewide basis.

The Next Generation Infrastructures Program at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands. This is a Dutch site with studies translated into English.

The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) is a multidonor technical assistance facility aimed at helping developing countries improve the quality of their infrastructure through private sector involvement. Launched in July 1999, PPIAF was developed at the joint initiative of the governments of Japan and the United Kingdom, working closely with the World Bank.

States Inventory Project The States Inventory Project is an online clearinghouse that tracks how U.S. states are planning, regulating, deploying, and using their information infrastructures.

Telecom Information Resources on the Internet (University of Michigan) Probably the most comprehensive set of links to telecommunications resources around the world.

The Telecommunications Research Project Located in the Centre of Asian Studies at the University of Hong Kong and directed by John Ure.

U.S. House of Representatives Law Library Provides good links to legal information on telecommunications.

Regulatory Agencies

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