The seventh satellite of the brown dwarf Tefireth in the Otz Chiim system called Equinox by the Charter Convention of 2750 CE.  Discovered by Charter Probe Procyon in 2378 CE and designated habitable.  Enochii was explored by the slowboat surveyor Mitzvah in 2582 CE. The crew of Essene-Hasidim gave the system names derived from the ancient Torah and Qabalah.  Deeded to the Weyerhaeuser-Pacific Corporation as a forest products colony in 2755 CE, and settled by Lightship Fleet Lux Aeterna in 2783 CE.

Pronunciation & Astronomical Name

(Ē´•nōk•ë•I) aka Tefireth 7

Astronomical Characteristics

Seventh planet in the Tefireth solar sub-system, at a mean distance of 5.2 million km; its period of revolution around Tefireth is 66 standard days and 22 hours. Enochii has a nearly circular orbit with an axial tilt of 23 degrees which precesses on a cycle of 10,648 standard years.

Physical Characteristics

Enochii is the largest planet in the Tefireth solar system, having a diameter of about 7,700 km. Its mean density is comparable to that of the Earth. Its comparable mass and position within the habitable zone permits it to have an atmosphere which is in the Earth-normal range. The surface of Enochii is also much like that of Earth – dominated by liquid water, but with an absence of polar ice caps. Enochii’s period of rotation on its axis is c. 22 hours. The planets climate is temperate and is similar to that found in Earth’s tropical and semi-tropical rain forests. The daylight temperatures reach as high as 310°A in equatorial latitudes and as high as 297°A at the poles during the summer season. Night temperatures drop as low as 278°A at the equator and 272°A at the poles in the winter season. Humidity ranges from 35-99%. Enochii is tectonically active with twelve major plates and ten minor plates. Central to each of the major plates is a continental landmass. The ten minor plates have a random distribution of island archipelagoes. The two largest landmasses are situated to the west and east of the planet’s north and south poles respectively.

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