The School, most known for its Adepts who are interstellar pilots, is located on Enochii and based on the lessons learned by Master Joshua Sinclair from the Adeptii. Enochiian School pilots, steersmen, and navigators are skilled in the ability to focus the effects of a Slipdrive field and direct those effects to “fold” space-time along the space dimension. No known distance limit has been approached within the Adepts of the School. The only limitation appears to be in the energy output of the slipdrive field effect generators to maintain the manifold sufficient to move a ship extreme distances. In addition to the space folding skill, the adepts of the School are highly prized by the Church and the Hegemony for their observational, analytical, and communication abilities.

Physical Characteristics

In the figure below, a schematic of the cardinal Halls of the Adeptii are overlaid on an outline of Enochii, the Polar Halls are identified by the yellow (North Pole) and purple (South Pole) circles at the top and bottom of the diagram respectively. This schematic displays a meridian projection of the Enochii western hemisphere with seven of the ten cardinal Halls shown as red circles. The three remaining cardinal Halls are in the eastern hemisphere and, therefore, not shown here. In addition to the ten cardinal Halls, the School includes seventy other halls located over electro-gravitic nodes and designated on the schematic by the blue and green circles.

The blue circles designate Ordinal or Exercise halls where the Helekiim of the School hone their control skills as required by the dictates of the order. The lines connecting the circles identify the relationships between cardinal and ordinal halls.

Arrayed around Equinox’s northern and southern tropic lines – at 30 degrees North latitude and 30 degrees South latitude – are the ten variable Halls shown by example in the schematic as green circles. These Halls are of specialized purpose known only to the Helekiim of the School.


The School is divided into two forms each containing three grades. New students are given the designation Ro’shelek on the night of Premthoth when they receive their first exposure to LVX from the Adeptii.

Upon completion of their initial lessons in the control of their physical body and personality, the new Helek is elevated to the lowest grade in the first form – Qui’nahelek. This is also a time of commitment: Students must make a life choice to pursue the path that Joshua Sinclair has followed.

Those Qui’nahelekiim who have made a lifetime commitment to the School and have demonstrated a working knowledge of the control over materials near them are awarded the rank of Sha’lemhelek. The students achieve the rank of Asa’helek when they have demonstrated skill in folding space-time on the space axis. At first this is done locally on Equinox where the traveler transports objects and then himself from one Hall to another. The rank of Talmiyd’helek is given to those students who have demonstrated skill in moving in space-time on both the space and time axes. Again, the initial exercises of this skill are performed locally on Equinox between Halls that are expressly set aside for that purpose.

The upper form of the Enochiian School is also divided into three grades. Talmiyd’helekiim who have refined their skills in manipulating matter, energy, and space-time are awarded the rank of Yada’helek. Students in the upper or second form of the School become teachers for the students in the first form. A Yada’helek is assigned a number of Ro’shelekiim and Qui’nahelekiim to mentor. They are also much sought after by the Corporations of the Hegemony to act in all aspects of operations – particularly as pilots, steersmen, and navigators on slipdrive lightships. Most Yada’helekiim elect to rejoin the outer world or enter into ecclesiastical or corporate service.

A few of the rank choose to remain and continue to seek greater enlightenment. This path is most difficult because it involves increased responsibility over the helekiim of lower rank, and the ultimate confrontation of the universal duality. Those Yada’helek that are successful in this confrontation are exalted to the rank of Yadal’helek, and are granted the opportunity to mentor the helekiim of upper rank.

Exceptional examples of the Yadal’helekiim, those who have not only passed through the duality and returned but brought back with them a new paradigm unknown to the Adeptii may become Biyn’adon. Master Joshua Sinclair during his tenure as Master of the School elevated twenty-two of the Yadal’helekiim to become Biyn’adon.

The School and the Adeptii

The timing of the Enochiian School festivals and their climactic ceremonies are based on the places on Enochii where the Adeptii grow and the times in those places when the Adeptii become active – exuding the ester that transmits LVX. The catalyst for Adeptii activity is the complex electrogravitic interactions of the Otz Chiim system, and most specifically the positions of Tefireth’s planets and the planets of the Keser system.

The strongest effects on the Adeptii are caused by interstitial eclipses of Tefireth by the inner planets. These are ranked weakest to strongest as; 3-interstitial, 4-interstitial, 5-interstitial, and 6-interstitial. Premthoth and Amadthoth are the only instances of a 6-interstitial eclipse. These occur every twelve and twenty years respectively.

Weaker effects on the Adeptii are caused by conjunctions of the inner and outer planets of the Keser system. Most significant of these are trinary conjunctions of the outer planets when Equinox is farthest in its orbit away from Keser and in opposition to Keser. This alignment has Keser eclipsed by Tefireth and the trinary conjunction in the Enochiian hemisphere away from Tefireth.

Festivals and Ceremonies

The curriculum and activities of the Enochiian School on Equinox are focused on eleven festivals in which the Adeptii participate; Premthoth, Bakyaqaats, Yamar, Techillah, Chalyafah, Sha’anah, Hafacq, Ma’nagahh, Zarach, and Amadthoth. In addition to the eleven festivals there is a twelfth ritual that has only been performed once since human civilization has traveled the stars. This is the ceremony of Chalaaf – the Ascension.

Ro’shelekiim receive their first exposure to the Light (LVX) on the night of Premthoth. After that exposure, the School celebrates in welcome and participates in the ceremony of Bakyqaats. Some theologians and historians compare Bakyqaats the rite of communion as practiced in the Judeo-Christian Church.

During the festival of Yamar, Ro’shelekiim who have dedicated their lives to the path of the Enochiian School celebrate their commitment in a ritual where the Ro’shelek becomes a Qui’nahelek. This is a joyous occasion for the School and all of the helekiim embrace the new members of the order. Some theologians and historians equate Yamar with the bat mitzvah, and bar mitzvah of the Unified Judeo-Christian Church.

The Qui’nahelekiim that have demonstrated during exercises and tests that they have developed the ability to control matter about them are invited to the festival of Techillah. During the festival they demonstrate their skills with material objects in front of eleven helekiim of Adept rank –usually ten Yada’helek with one Yadal’helek presiding as Master of Ceremonies. Those who demonstrate sufficient skill are awarded the rank of Sha’lemhelek.

Another milestone in the progress of a helek with the Enochiian School is the ability to control space-time on the space axis. Sha’lemhelekiim who have demonstrated this skill during exercises are invited to the festival of Chalyafah. As in the ceremony of Techillah, those who display their skills before a panel of Adepts are awarded the rank of Asa’helek. The new Asa’helek is given the navigator’s astrolabe and mantle as a symbol of what they may become.

The ceremony of Sha’anah, during the festival of the same name, celebrates the achievements of Asa’helekiim who have demonstrated their skill at manipulating space-time on both axes. In addition to the test in which the candidate sends the ceremonial hourglass on the stand before him three minutes into the future for it to appear on a pedestal before the panel of eleven Adepts, the Sha’anah ritual includes the investiture of the new Talmiyd’helek with the symbolic cowl and hourglass of their rank.

The festival of Hafacq marks the transition of the helek from the lower to the upper form of the Enochiian School. The candidate Talmiyd’helek has not only honed his skills in manipulating reality but has also confronted those aspects of him that might interfere with the right application of his skills. He has passed through a portal that has transformed him to the depths of his spirit. During the ceremony of Hafacq the helek swears an oath of honor, service, and fidelity that includes the phrase, “first do no harm”. Scholars trace this phrase to the oath first administered by Hipocrates to physicians of his school. With the completion of this oath, the scholar helek becomes an adept of lower rank – a Yada’helek.

Ma’nagahh is another celebration of accomplishment and demarcation. Only a very select few of the Yada’helekiim are selected to celebrate Ma’nagahh. This is one of the few closed rituals of the Enochiian School because of the personal nature of the Yada’helek’s achievement. Only three individuals may attend: The Biyn’adon of the School, the candidate’s Yadal’helek mentor, and the candidate. The new Yadal’helek leaves the ceremony with the increased responsibility of mentoring a recently elevated Yada’helek.

The ceremony of Zarach is celebrated in conjunction with the festival of Amadthoth. It is the pinnacle of achievement for a helek who has dedicated a lifetime to mentoring, study, service, and the mastery of the Universe. Only Yadal’helekiim who have passed within the Universal duality and returned with a new perspective that the Adeptii accept are granted the rank of Biyn’adon. The Adeptii have only elevated twenty-three humans to this exalted rank. Master Joshua Josephson Sinclair was the first of the human Biyn’adon

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