By: Timothy McHugh

Imagine that there was an encounter betwixt the USS Enterprise from the six Star Trek TOS Motion Pictures and the Drej Mothership Alahenena from Titan AE. Kirk's refit Enterprise is 1,000ft (304.8m) long while the Alahenena is 25,000ft (7620m) in length. This is totally alternate from Titan AE where the World of The Lion King is defended by the TOS crew and a Colo Claw Fish and behaves like a TOS film instead of Titan AE. Note: I HATE Titan AE for allowing the Drej to destroy Earth in the first place and my biggest fear is that the Drej will destory The Lion King!

Givens: The Enterprise has phasers, photon torpedos, shields, and a deflecter dish. The Alahenena harnesses the power of a supernova, is pure energy, and has many fighters called "Drej Stingers." The Drej Stingers use lasers, more primitive than phasers, so they can only do yellow alert on the Enterprise, and the Alehenena is the ONLY thing in Titan AE that can warrent a red alert in Starfleet. Minus the fighters, the Alahenena vastly outguns the Enterprise, but there is still hope, for Captian Kirk does not beleive in the "no-win" scenario. Kirk has loads of original thinking and will find a way to save Earth from the Queen Drej! In this fan fiction story, there is a heroic Colo Claw Fish named Kyro onboard the Enterprise

Let's See: The refit Enterprise under the command of James Tibirius Kirk goes to that bluish nebula as seen in Titan AE and Spock scans and finds out that the Enterprise is not alone. Timon the Meerkat was sitting in Jim Kirk's lap. Spock says, "Captain, I am picking up another starship, not one of ours or even one that was encountered before." Kirk replied, "Mr. Spock, plot the coordinates of the unidentifed vessel and see whether it is approaching our position or receding." Spock scanned and found it to be made of pure energy. he said, "The starship is of pure energy-based composition and she is rising to about our level above the nebula." Kirk said, "On screen!" Once the screen was on, Kirk and hsi crew were stunned by the sight of the alien vessel rsing through a hole in the clouds. Timon was scared and said, "Jim, I have a very bad feeling about this." Kirk comforted Timon the best way he could.

Kyro also noticed the alien vessel and said, "I wonder what the crew aboard that vessel are up to, because if they want to destroy the World of The Lion King, I will use this Enterprise to stop them." Scotty had already rigged a device for Kyro to use to control the ship if needed in the now watery cargo hold.

Once the mysterious pure energy ship cleared the clouds, it appraoched the Enterprise. Uhura said, "Captian, we are being hailed." Kirk said, "On Screen." A bizarre crystaline blue creature seemed to appear sticking out of the screen on the bridge. Kirk asked, "I am James T. Kirk, captain of the Startship Enterprise, who are you and what do you want?" The creature responded in a bizarre alien language and Uhura had to use the translation device at her post on the bridge to figure out what it was saying.

Uhura translated successfully what the alien captain was saying. She said, "Captain, the creature is saying that she is the Queen Drej, and that she is the large leader of a pure-energy race known as the Drej. She says that she is the captain of the Drej Warship Alahenena. She is plotting to destroy the World of The Lion King. She says that The Lion King, especially Timon, has brought her so much misery that she wants revenge." Kirk said, "Queen Drej, I will stop you from destroying the World of The Lion King, and win because I do not believe in the "no-win" scenario! I will find a way in time and beat you plus I have a pet Colo Claw Fish on board named Kyro who has a knack for defending the World of The Lion King from assaults from outer space!" Scotty came to the bridge and learned of the unfolding Drej Crisis.

When Scotty got to the bridge, he asked, "Captain, how can we defeat this monstrocity, she has the power of a supernova as her main weapon and she is pure energy, what do you suggest?" Then a shirtless teen Serinian boy also got word and made his way to the bridge. The Serinian said, "Hello guys, I am Rendle, and I know the secret of the Drej, they stay away from anything that they know sucks energy, and there are two objects attached to this ship than can do it. They are the warp engines and the deflecter can help too. We must also blow out their crystals in order to drain and defeat them. When the Drej Ship leaves, set a course and follow them at maximum warp." Kirk said, "Thank you Rendle, I am James T Kirk, captain of this ship, you had found a way befoore I did, that is great. I will have you rewarded with a metal for Original Thinking. Go tell Kyro to fire on the Drej crystals and drain the enemy ship. Checkov, go get a metal of Orignal Thinking, this Serinian really earned it by telling us the solution." Timon said, "You go Rendle!" Rendle was awarded the metal while the Enterprise followed the Drej Ship.

When Rendle got to the secondary hull where Kyro was, he said, "Kyro, I am Rendle Serene, and if we are to beat the Drej, we must torpedo the Drej crystals on that mothership so she loses power and gets destroyed." Kyor said, "I have scanned the Drej vessel myself and found the crystals that you must be talking about, and i know that if we fire on them, the Alahenena willo go kablooie." Kyro waited to fire while Spock and Bones rigged some photon torpedoes to aim for Drej crystals.

When they got to the Drej's target, Spock and Bones had already rigged some torpedoes to hit the Drej crystals. Kyro asked, "Where are my torpedoes?" Spock said, "Kyro, they are ready for you to fire at your target." Kyro said, "Thank you, I will fire them when we are in position to do so and take that mothership out." Kyro anxiously awaited the opportunity to destroy the Crystalline Drej Ship

The Queen Drej Said, "Blow the World of The Lion King!" The main weapon activated and Kyro hit the firing button that weas made for him and each photon hit a different Drej crystal! Kyro said, "That that Drej scum, I am Kyro and I come to save the Woirld of The Lion King, you goons! Death to Titan AE, long live Star Trek TOS! I would prefer Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace over Titan AE any day! I will destroy Alahenena!" On the Alahenena, the Queen Drej was captured by beaming into the cargo holds that were housing Kyro and then the Alahenena exploded. Kirk said, "Thank you Rendle and Kyro, and I don't like to lose." Timon cheered, "Thank you guys, you really made my day!" The Enterprise headed for the distant stars.   In the cargo holds, the Drej Queen's fate was sealed because Kyro was about to eat her. Kyro said, "Queen Drej, your days are over, I will eat you!" The Drej Queen fought back but lost and got eaten by Kyro anyway. Kyro's elastic stomach onhis belly stretched to accomidate his dictorial prey. Kyro said, "Good News, I ate the Drej Queen! Death to Titan AE, long live Star Trek TOS! I saved the World of The Lion King from the Drej Vessel. Titan AE was anti-Star Trek TOS, illogical, and UGLY! Planet 51 is way better, logical, and hilarious! Live long and prosper Timon and Pumbaa. I would even prefer TPM even over any Star Trek TNG flicks let alone Titan AE." The TOS crew congratulated our heroic Colo Claw FIsh and Spock said, "Live long and prosper Kyro!"

If it were Picard and the Enterpirise-E, the Alahenena would have won due to Picard's unoriginal thinking. Learn more at the following link.

The Captain Kirk Page

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