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Postdocs in the Humanities (2008)

Gettysburg College Environmental Humanities Deadline: November 15 Acknowledgement received by mail late November Campus Visits Scheduled

Middlebury College Deadline: Nov. 15 Anyone receive acknowledgment on this one? Still no acknowledgement from application sent on 11/1 (2)

  • MLA interview scheduled via email 12/12 (writing sample also requested) (5)
  • Acknmt finally received, 12/14 (postmarked 12/12), after they selected their interviewees apparently
  • rejection email rec'd 1/9
  • Campus Visit Scheduled
  • Offer made

University of Nevada Reno Deadline: Oct. 26 Was this job also advertised last year? Did the search fail? Yes the search failed. Dossier and writing sample requested via email 10/23. More materials requested 10/29 (4) rejection email rec'd 11/29 (5)

  • MLA interview scheduled 11/30 (3)
  • Campus Visits Scheduled

University of California-Santa Barbara Deadline: Nov. 1

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (2), 12/13 (2)
  • Campus visits scheduled
  • Rejection letter 1/10
  • Offer accepted 2/23

University of Oregon Deadline: Nov. 9 Acknldgment letter rec'd 11/17

  • MLA interview scheduled 12/12 (3)
  • Does anyone know who is on the search committee?
  • campus visits scheduled early January
  • offer made

Since this is the first time that ecocritism has taken a prominent role in the job market, is anyone curious about the number of applicants? Perhaps we should keep an informal count: 10

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