Ephraim and Brad is a Pokemon (Live Action version) episode.


  • Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Togepi and Brock take Ephraim to the Movie headquarters. There Ephraim meets his older brother Brad Van Darn and his manager Vidso. Meanwhile, Team Rocket want a new movie.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Pikachu
  • Misty
  • Togepi
  • Brock
  • Ephraim
  • Brad Van Darn
  • Vidso
  • Jessie
  • James
  • Meowth
  • Wobbuffet


Part 1

  • (We see Ash and the others taking Ephraim on a trip)
  • Ash: We're going to see your big brother.
  • Pikachu: Pika.
  • Misty: Bailey and my former friend Marina are good at This Little Piggy.
  • Togepi: (squeals)
  • Brock: You heard about that.
  • Ephraim: Of course.
  • Ash: This is it, the movie headquarters.
  • Girl 1: We're all longstocking girls.
  • Girl 2: We're fans of Bailey and Marina.
  • Girl 3: Green and White stockings are for us.
  • Ash: Uh, we better run.
  • Others: Right.
  • (We see Ash and the others at the movie headquarters)
  • Ash: This is your biggest visit.
  • Ephraim: Brad.
  • Brad: Hi little bro.
  • Vidso: We're so glad to know.
  • Ephraim: Bailey and Marina have become sisters.
  • Brock: My siblings are famous.
  • Ash: My little sister Mary loves me.
  • Misty: Even Mahri belongs to Rudy.
  • Pikachu: Pika, pika.
  • Togepi: (squeals)
  • Bailey and Marina: We're here.
  • Ash: (blushing) Bailey.
  • Misty: And my former friend Marina.
  • Bailey: We decide to be stars of this movie.
  • Marina: Bailey and I are going to be princesses.
  • Brock: (grabbing Marina's hands) Princesses are like me in fact.
  • Misty: (pulling Brock's ear) Forget it, you're a prince not a princess.
  • Brock: My ear!
  • Brad: I'm always an Urashima.
  • Ephraim: Me a Kusanagi.
  • Ash: I like to be a Lamperogue.
  • Misty: Me a Langley.
  • Brock: Me an Ikari.
  • Bailey: Me and Marina Fenettes.
  • Marina: Sally and Matthew love us.
  • Vidso: So the movie is starting.
  • Ash: I hear we'll wear Mario outfits.
  • Bailey: You always wear your Ryu outfit for costume parties.
  • Brad: That's settled.
  • Misty: It would be awesome to be Supergirl.
  • Marina: Your Justice League Unlimited outfit.
  • Ephraim: This is great.
  • Brock: Let's get some costumes.
  • Others: Right.
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see

Part 3

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