List of them

  1. The Backyard Show - The original rendition of I Love You used synthesizer instruments.
  2. Barney's Trip to the USA - This rendition came out in Late 1989. In some videos, a additional piano crescendo is heard.
  3. Let's Wait for Santa - A Christmas version of the Late 1989-1992 arrangement.
  4. Practice Makes Music - The redition used for most version with a additional piano part played by Luci onscreen.
  5. Please and Thank You - A re-harmonized version of I Love You. Used in most Late May 1992 Season 1 episodes and Season 2 episodes.
  6. Good Friends - A shortened version of the Late 1989-1992 arrangement. Used in most Late May 1992 Season 1 episodes and Season 2 episodes.
  7. BJ's Baseball Day - A low-pitched version of the 1992-1993 Season 2 arrangement.
  8. Singing Time with Friends - A remastered version of the Season 2 shortened arrangement.
  9. Barney's Let's Listen to the Sounds - A reharmonized version, based on the Season 3 arrangement with music by Joe Phillips. This version can be also used in videos like "Once Upon a Time" and most Season 4 episodes.
  10. Barney's Science Fun - A new vocal arrangement which can be used for Late 1996-1997 Season 3 videos and Season 4-6 episodes.
  11. Barney Live! In New York City! - Silimar to the Season 3 arrangement, with added instruments.
  12. Going to Imagination Island - A mix of the Season 3 arrangement and the Season 1 arrangement (high-pitched on the first verse and normal-pitched on the second verse, same speed as Season 3's version).
  13. A Snowy Day! -A Christmas version of the original 1988 arrangement.
  14. Barney's Circus Fun -A new version, which could be later used in Season 4.

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