[Open to a Russian Space Station, Russian 1 is working on something when a red light comes on, he yells to Russian 2 who goes to look at the light, he then says something in Russian, he sounds mad, cut to the bus stop. Jason, Sarah, Ed, and Alex are just standing around, behind them far off in the distance is a government building, the Russian Space Station falls out of the sky and hits the building. The sound wave knocks the kids to their feet, they get up]

Ed: Oh my god!

Alex: that looks bad!

[Cut to the buildings remains, the kids come walking in looking around]

Jason: oh my god, all of the people here are dead!

Sarah: oh my god!

Ed: don't worry they all worked for the government.

Sarah: oh, ok.

Alex: OH MY GOD!

[Alex runs over to a body that we cant see and kneels down]

Alex: They killed Jimmy….Charter!

[Cut to cemetery, Jason, Ed, Alex, Sarah, Ash, and Zim are standing over the grave of Jimmy Charter; they are all wearing black, Scotsmen and The Priest are also there]

The Priest: [holding bible and looking up] oh lord, we ask you to make it so that no other may suffer painful death, and if you could god, please. Just let us live, and not fear death.

Mr. SkullHead: [From a distance] HEY! What you talking about man.

The Priest: Please lord have mercy on Ex-President Jimmy Charter, because he was doing something important when you struck him down, by satellite. He was only trying to run for governor of our county…..

Ash: um dude can we just rap this up.

The Priest: Oh, ok……. Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. [Shuts bible]

[The Scotsmen starts playing bagpipes and the kids walk off, as they are walking they start talking]

Jason: I wonder whose going to run for governor now…

[Suddenly Alex falls into empty grave]

Jason: oh my god, they killed Alex!

Ed: Monsters!

Alex: I'm not dead yet!

[Suddenly the huge angel tombstone that was standing over the grave falls in and smashes Alex, the Priest, and the Scotsmen return, the Priest opens his bible]

Priest: Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust. [Shuts bible]

[The Scotsmen starts playing bagpipes]

Alex: I'm not dead yet!

[Cut to Jason's living room, Jason, Ed, and Zim are sitting watching TV]

Zim: Stupid American president, couldn't wait until I decided to zap him with a laser could he. No, he had to be killed in an "accident".

Jason: Zim you were not going to kill him, you couldn't kill anything even if you tried.


Ed: did you already forget the first day you arrived here?

[Cut to a parking lot, Zim is standing in front of a car pointing a blaster at it]

Zim: Ok earthen. Take me to your leader!

[The car turns on and runs him over, cut back to the living room]

Zim: so, I was mistaken by your earthen vehicle!

[Alvin Comlix walks into the room]

Alvin Comlix: quickly everyone into the living room!

[Mallory Comlix and Sissy Comlix run into the room]

Mallory Comlix: what is it dear?

Alvin Comlix: Jason turn it to CNN!

[Jason changes the channel to CNN, the News Reporter is on]

News Reporter: that’s right everyone, the rumors are true, Adam West will be Running for Governor of Gray County, here he is at the conference.

[Cut to The conference]

Adam West: Yes, and as governor I plan to see to it that the resent events taking place in Gary County will end peacefully.

Voter 1: Um yes sir.

Adam West: Who said that!

Voter 1: Um... Me sir, why do you have sunglasses on, and why could you not see me?

Adam West: oh, well recently, I went under some free laser eye Surgery, but sadly, I have now become presently blind, so I will become your Blind governor.

Voter 2: Blind governor? Sir, what makes you think that you could win this election!

Adam West: Well no one's running against me, are they? That and Jimmy Carter is dead and not coming back!

[Cut to Jimmy Carter's grave, the ground starts to tremble; suddenly zombies start to rise out of other graves, suddenly Zombie Jimmy Carter's hand pops out of his grave]

Zombie Jimmy Carter: Adam… West's…Brains!

[Cut to another conference, SkullHead, Ash, Sarah, Zim, and Jason are all there.]

Mr. SkullHead: Something's not right here man, me Supernatural scenes are tingling.

Ash: Did not need to know that!

Jason: same here!

Sarah: not now guys Adam West is about to speak!

[Adam West gets up on stage and goes over to the microphone]

Adam West: Greetings voters, It's me, Adam…

Zombie Jimmy Carter: [From backstage]… WEST!

[Zombie Jimmy Carter tares thought the stage curtain; suddenly zombies appear in the crowd and start attacking other voters]

Zombie 1: Brains!

Voter 2: Ah run for your lives, it's the dawn of the Dead!

Voter 3: you idiot, Stop braking the copyright laws!

Voter 4: he ate my hand!

Zombie 2: yummy…

[Suddenly Ash, Zim and SkullHead jump on stage to protect Adam West]

Mr. SkullHead: Stay back man, I put you group down once, I can do it again!

Zombie Jimmy Carter: [Roars]

Adam West: Oh dear lord I wet myself.

[SkullHead, Ash and Zim peer at Adam West]

Zombie Jimmy Carter: Election, fair, Vote!

Ash: What is that monster saying!

Zombie 3: [comes onto stage] He says he wants a fair election.

[From a distance, Sarah rises her head in above the chaos of the crowd]

Sarah: What!

Zombie 3: you see because he is alive, he is still running for governor, and Adam West being pulled into this election has angered him, so our dear Zombified Ex-President only wants a fair election so that Adam west doesn't just win automatically.

Ash: Ha, what makes you think we will let that happen?

Mr. SkullHead: no, no. He's got a point.

Ash: What?

Adam West: What?

Mr. SkullHead: It's true man, this country was made on the political grounds that in order to become a major government leader, you would have to be elected by the people, for the people. [Turns to look Straight, American Flag replaces background] So as such, we must except his request. It is our choice, no, [Voice gets louder] Our Duty man, to vote for the right leader. No man should be allowed to just become Governor, or Mayor, Or President of the united State, without running against someone else. It's immoral and downright wrong man! Take That United States President George Bush! You Can't Brake the bound of Voters! We will, I repeat, we will never allow you a 3rd run as president! It's outlawed man!

[Everything turns back to the way it was before SkullHeads Speech]

Ash: but your from Jamaica.

[Jason and Sarah Jump on stage in Jamaican costumes]

Jason and Sarah: Jamaica? [Singing] don't worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, she goanna be all right man. Don't worry, 'bout a thing, cause every little thing, she be all right…

Mr. SkullHead: Shut up!

Adam West: Well Carter, then it's a deal, I will run ageneses you for, Governor of Gary County!

Ash: ok then.

Adam West: And, I will allow it so that all the zombies can vote too!

Zombie 3: Yes!

Zombie 4: yew… [Jaw drops off]

Ash: Um, wait a tick.

Adam West: And the species that the loser is part of, be it zombie or Human, and must go to the underworld never to rise ever.

Ash: Oh dang.

Jason: that's not good!

SkullHead: Thank god, I'm not on any of your sides' man.

[Adam West and Zombie Jimmy Carter shake hands; Zombie Jimmy Carter's hand comes off]

Zombie Jimmy Carter: …ow…

[Cut to Skull Heads home, SkullHead is sitting on the table wile Sarah is talking to him]

Sarah: What are we going to do, if West loses, I have to go to the underworld, and I'll never get to see another soup opera!

Mr. SkullHead: You know, I'd like to help man, but I already put them in the grave once. I can't do it a second time.

Sarah: But on stage you siad...

Mr. SkullHead: I was jocking then.

Sarah: Is there anything we can do!

Mr. SkullHead: Well I heard something about a book of Souls, but that was years ago.

Sarah: Book of Souls?

Mr. SkullHead: old story man, you see Anubis, God of the dead, made this book to prevent his zombie minions from rising up on him, it's said to be somewhere inside the great pyramid.

Sarah: Well then, lets get that book.

Mr. SkullHead: That book is Thousands of years old! What is it is no longer in existence man!

Sarah: Then we will have died trying to get it.

Mr. SkullHead: Forget it, I don't want to waist my time.

Sarah: [After a moment] Hey, what ja-maken?

Mr. SkullHead: Fine you win, just don't start with me.

[Cut to Adam west's office, Adam is sitting at a table, and Ash, Jason, and Ed are looking out a window]

Adam West: Don't Worry Kids, everything will be alright, I'm sure I will get the popular vote.

Ash: For humans' maybe, but the zombies will all vote for Jimmy Carter, and the zombie population doubles the human population in this county.

Ed: Hey guys I see Alex!

Jason: Really where!

Ed: Right there, he getting attacked by zombies!

Jason: Where!

Ed: Right there… oh, I think they got him.

Alex: Oh my god they killed Alex!

Ed: Monsters!

[Suddenly Alex jumps thought the window and lands on Adam West's Desk]

Alex: I'm…Not Dead… Yet... [Is knocked out]

Ash: We have to do something to keep the zombies from getting to the Voting Station before 9 P.M. tonight.

Jason: Why?

Adam West: [Looks at a statue] because at 9 o'clock the voting Office closes and voting has ended.

Jason: Oh, ok.

Ed: Hey, I just got a good idea.

Ash: What is it?

Ed: what if we force the zombies to go down one pathway, and it just so happens that an all you can eat meat fest is in that path?

Adam West: yes, Yes my child that would work, you disserve a hug for that one!

[Adam West walks past Ed and fall out the broken window, cut to the great pyramid, SkullHead and Sarah are looking around inside a burial chamber looking for the Book of Souls]

Mr. SkullHead: This is a waist of time man; we should just go back and try to kill them the old way.

Sarah: What's the old way?

Mr. SkullHead: I just throw my syth at them and call it day man.

Sarah: I see.

[SkullHead rolls over to Sarah but trips on the book of souls, Sarah goes and picks it up]

Sarah: Found it! The Book of souls! I thought it would be well hidden.

Mr. SkullHead: Na, the Egyptians gave up hiding stuff just before the pre 3rd century, they could never find something after hiding it. [Starts laughing loud]

[Suddenly Egyptian zombies rise from the under the floor]

Zombie 4: book… give us… Book.

Sarah: SkullHead Get us out of here.

Mr. SkullHead: Right hang on!

[A flash of light appears and SkullHead and Sarah Disappear, cut to the voting office, Adam West, Ash and Zim are waiting out side with the voters]

Victor Skipper: Well all the human Votes have been counted, lets just hope Ed's Plan works.

Ash: Don't worry I sure that kid of yours won't fail us too bad.

Alvin Comlix: Say where is my son?

Ash: About that, you see…

[Ed and Alex Walk-in]

Ed: well the traps been set.

Zim: so the zombies are heading right for the meat man.

Meat man: nope, I'm right here. That job was too dangerous for me.

Alvin Comlix: Well if you not driving the cart then who…Oh no… JASON!

Victor Skipper: Ed!

Ed: Dang, it almost worked.

[Cut to the meat cart, Jason is sitting by it; suddenly zombies appear and attack the cart trying to get him, suddenly a shot ranging out as Officer P. I. Gamming appears and starts shooting zombies]

Jason: Officer Gamming?

Officer P. I. Gamming: Oh, why hello Jason, I came to get you so you could vote for governor.

Jason: But I'm not of voting age.

Officer P. I. Gamming: Your not? But what's with stopping the zombies from getting to the voting Office.

[The zombies suddenly stop and Relies what Officer Gamming had said, they stop the attack and start marching to the voting office]

Jason: Ah darn it you ruined the plan.

Officer P. I. Gamming: Opps sorry, looks like I made a booboo now didn't I.

Jason: Just go home!

Officer P. I. Gamming: ok, bye, bye. [Walks away]

[Cut to the voting office, the zombie horde is approaching the building, all the voters inside are panicking]

Voter 5: Oh no they are coming.

Voter 1: The plan failed, Kid what are we going to do now!

Ed: I don't know this was not part of the plan!

Victor Skipper: everyone just leave him alone it's not his fault.

Ash: Correct… only one human can save us now… and it's Jason.

Jareth Boyer: …Were doomed.

[Cut to behind the zombie Army, Jason is running to catch up, suddenly Sarah and SkullHead appear out of nowhere]

Jason: Sarah, Mr. SkullHead?

Sarah: Jason, we have this book that may be able to stop the zombies from voting.

Jason: Then read that book girl!

Sarah: Right, [She opens the book but can't read it because it's in ancient Egyptian]…Um SkullHead?

Mr. SkullHead: don't look at me, I can read Japanese, but ancient Egyptian is out of my league.

[Suddenly Adam West appears]

Adam West: Did you say ancient Egyptian? Let me see.

[Sarah hands Adam west the book, he starts to read from it]

Adam West: Salami, baloney, Clatto, unclearly, tartars, animus, Verata, Ra, Nicto!

[All the zombies start to fall apart until they turn to dust and are scattered in the wind]

Jason: Mr. West you did it!

[Cut to the voting office]

Voter 1: Adam West save us, he's a hero!

Ash: No, he's our governor!

[Everyone starts cheering, cut back to Adam West, Jason, Sarah, and Mr. SkullHead]

Sarah: Hey, hold on, I found the book!

Mr. SkullHead: You found the book!

Sarah: Oh, I mean, we found the book.

[Agents 1 and 2 appear and push the kids off then stand around Adam West]

Adam West: who's there?

Agent 1: Why we sir are you secret service.

Agent 2: Yeah, were here to protect you Governor Adam West.

Adam West: oh ok, but I'm not Adam west, I am Batman!

[Cut to Sarah, Jason, and SkullHead]

Jason: well, I guess this is an ok ending.

Mr. SkullHead: now hold on a tick!

Sarah: What?

Mr. SkullHead: Adam West is blind, how could he see the text and book!

[They all look at Adam West with a confused look]

Jason: It's like some kind of Writer wrote in a plot hole on per….

[Quickly cut to Credits]

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