[Open to the Skipper Home, Ed, Victor, Bud, Elvis, and Emily are all sitting at the table eating dinner, the words "3 days earlier" appear then disappear on the bottom]

Elvis: So then, Mac said, "what Jamaican man".

[Everyone but Ed is laughing, Victor Notices]

Victor: Say Ed what's wrong, you haven't torched your diner yet.

Ed: I'm not hungry.

Emily: Oh come on what could possible be bothering you this bad!

Ed: I don't feel important enough.

Bud: well your not Important, You the Youngest Brother. You never get in trouble and you never do anything exciting.

Elvis: Yeah, Me and Bud Always do something first, then you know not to do it later.

[Elvis and Bud look at each other, then back at Ed]

Elvis: We are so going to get you later on today.

Victor: well if you don't feel important enough you should do something that will get you recognized.

Ed: yes, yes. Your Right. [Starts thinking to himself]

[Cut to train station, the words "3 days later" appear then disappear. Ash and Jason are sleeping on different benches, the bum comes by and wakes them up]

Bum: Hey, guys you need to wake up!

Ash: what the [Yells]

Jason: wha... What is it?

Ash: Jason Were at a train station, we must have been kidnapped by this bum!

Jason: [Yells]

Bum: What do you guys not remember yesterday or something?

Ash: What about yesterday.

Bum: your trip to the Root bear factory.

Jason and Ash: Root Bear Factory! We were inside a root bear factory.

Jason: hold on, I would have remembered that!

Bum: Wow that Sunday Trip Must have messed with your heads.

Ash: Today's Sunday!

Bum: No today is Monday. Wow, you guys really don't remember.

Ash: How could you have known what we were doing yesterday, your just a bum!

Bum: why you guys told me last night. [Grads a wooden box and sits down] You guys seemed angry at something.

Ash: So since, we don't remember what happened, care to fill us in.

Bum: why sure, I think it all started about 2 days ago…

[Flashback to Jason's house, the words "2 days earlier" appear then disappear on the bottom. Jason, Sarah, and Zack are sitting down watching TV when Ash suddenly bursts into the room holding a brown ticket, He busts into singing. Music Plays wile he sings]

Ash: [singing] Oh, I got a brown ticket, I got a brown ticket, and I have a golden chance to make my way!

[Mallory walks into the room]

Mallory: Ash, Please stop singing!

[Music stops]

Mallory: That’s better [suddenly eyes dilate and she starts singing] I said, shake, rattle and roll, shake, rattle and roll. Shake, rattle and roll, shake, rattle and roll. Well, you won't do right to save your doggone soul. [Returns to normal]

Ash: Jason guess what!

Jason: what?

Ash: I just won a trip for two to the root bear victory.

[Holy music plays in the background, Alex and Jason's eyes grow wide, suddenly they Spot Zim, Ed, SkullHead and Taco who walked in, their eyes are also wide]

Zim: Earther Ash! Tell me who you are taking to the facility in which the goody goodness of Root Bear is made!

Ash: Well Jason of course.

[Everyone who's eyes were wide have turned into a killing stare at Jason who is now jumping Up and down on the sofa]

Mallory: now hold on Jason can't go!

Jason: what why not!

Mallory: My and your father have spent years trying to get you off of Root Bear, I don't want you getting on it again!

Ed: But he buys Root Beet at least twice a Week at the Store.

Mallory: What! [Pauses] Well in that case Jason your Grounded! [Walks out of room]

[Jason stands on the sofa with shock at what has happened]

Ed: Wow Jason your moms a witch.

Jason:[Snaps back to reality] don't call my mom a witch Ed!

Ed:[Singing] welllllllllllllllll….

Jason: Don't Do it!

Ed:[Singing] welllllllllllllllll….

Jason: I'm warning you!

Ed:[Singing] welllllllllllllllll….

Jason: cut it out!

Ed: ok never mind.

Jason: Good Because I hate it when you call me mom a….

Ed:[Singing] welllllllllllllllll…. Jason's Moms a witch, she's a big fat witch, she's the biggest witch in the whole wide world. She's a witch, biggest witch, biggest witch to the boys and girls.

[Ash, Zim, And Alex start clapping him along]

Ed:[Singing] Jason's Moms a witch, she's a big fat witch, she's the biggest witch in the whole wide world. She's a witch, really big witch, reality she is such a witch!

[Clapping counties]

Ed:[Singing faster] Jason's Moms a witch, she's a big fat witch, she's the biggest witch in the whole wide world. Jason's Moms a witch, she's a big fat witch, she's the biggest witch in the whole wide world. Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch, Witch! Jason's moms a witch, She's a big stupid witch!

[Music Stops]


[Cut to outside, Zim, Ed, Alex, SkullHead, Taco, And Phil the cat are all thrown out of the house, suddenly Jason runs back outside grabs Phil and brings him inside]

Mr. SkullHead: well good going guys, looks like you lost a friendship there. [Walks away with Taco]

Ed: Well now, that’s out of the way. Alex I need…

Alex: Yes?

Ed: I need…

Alex: Yes!

Ed: I really need


Ed: I need your he…Your Hel…Your…HE…LP!

Alex: With what?

Ed: I need to find my place in history! I need your help in stealing something!

Alex: Well what is it?

Ed: I'll show you tonight, I'll bring it to your house.

[Cut to Jason's room at night, Ash comes in and wakes Jason up]

Ash: Jason, Wake up! We are going to the Root Bear factory now!

Jason: But My mom said I can't go.

Ash: forget your mom now come on!

[Cut to Alex's Living Room, Alex is sitting down watching TV. with his mom Mary Germaine, suddenly the doorbell rings, Vander Germaine answers the door, it's Ed]

Ed: Hey, is Alex Home?

Vander Germaine: Hey Alex It's for you.

[Alex Gets up and walks over to the door]

Ed: Get out here close the door!

[Alex dose as Ed says, afterwards He sees a brand new car]

Alex: what's with the car?

Ed: come on get in!

[Alex Jumps into the car, Ed jumps into the drivers seat and takes off]

Alex: What are you doing?

Ed: Alex why don't you go to sleep it will take awhile.

Alex: are you stealing this car?

Ed: what!

Alex: I said are you stealing this car?

Ed: um.. Yeah lets go with that.

[Cut to outside the root bear factory, Ash and Jason are waiting outside patiently, suddenly the door opens, Jason and Ash walk inside and meet the tour Guide]

Tour Guide: oh why hello there, Welcome to the Root Beer factory, if you fallow me I will take you to the factory floor.

[The 3 start walking]

Jason: Oh, wow this place is cool.

Ash: yeah, I never seen something like this.

[The 3 step on to the factory floor to see a pyramid of Root Bear stacked all the way to the sealing]

Jason: Oh, my god!

Tour Guide: Yes, the pyramid is quite fascinating, it was built back in 1982 when our beloved master Gone-fond died. Bless his Sprit.

Ash: ok…

Jason: Your master.

Tour Guide: Oh, yes now come this way and you will get to see our workers, in fact I think they are about to burst into song.

[The 3 look over the railing to see the workers]

Worker 1: [Singing] oh we love working all night long…

Worker 2: [Singing] …as a little fizzle makes the world go round…

Worker 3: [Singing] ..And when the day is done and it's time to go home…

All the workers in the factory: [Singing] we stay in here to work for our mighty lord

Jason: Ok, I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Ash: Ok, I'll see ya in a bit, this looks funny.

[Jason walks out of the room, the workers continue to sing, Jason walks to the bathroom and notes that the Boss's Office is right next door, he puts his ear up to it, cut to inside the Bosses office, the boss is talking to man 1]

Boss: yesss, soon we will have control of over the worlds children with our New Addicting formula.

Man 1: Yes sir.

Boss: Then I will have the children Build my a pyramid, the one pyramid [Close up on face, Voice Gets Loud and echoes] To Rule them all! [Return to normal]

Man 1: Yes sir!

Boss: is that all you can say!

Man 1: Yes sir.

Boss: hmmmm… Are you a moron.

Man 1: Yes sir.

[Cut to outside of the door]

Jason: oh My [Censored] god!

[Cut back to factory floor]

Jason: ASH! ASH!

Ash: Jason what's wrong.

Jason: The Boss of this factory is planning on taking over the world!

Ash: What? How?

Jason: how else, with the one soda [Close up on face, Voice Gets Loud and echoes] To Rule them all! [Return to normal]


Jason: Yes, He's going to take control of the worlds children, then force them to build a giant Pyramid!

Ash: Bigger then the one on the Factory floor!

Jason: um…. I don't know, He did not mention that.

Tour Guide: uh oh. Looks like you have found out our evil plot. Now we are going to have to kill you.

[The workers form a circle around Jason and Ash]

Ash: Holy crap!

[Cut to dessert, The Car with Ed and Alex in it is driving around on a long road, cut to inside the car]

Alex: Dude, we have been driving for hours. Are you sure someone's going to miss this car.

Ed: what are you talking about?

Alex: you said you were stealing this car.

Ed: What no! I'm kidna…

Alex: you aren’t stealing the car?

Ed: Don't ask questions Alex. You will live longer.

[Alex suddenly looks worried, cut back to factor, Jason and Ash have started fighting the workers, they fight them for about 3 minutes until they suddenly are outnumbered]

Jason: Ok ash, any ideas?

Ash: Just one.

[Ash grabs a bottle of root bear]

Ash: Fly true, Mighty Root Bear bottle. [Tosses it at Root Bear pyramid] Your destiny awaits you!

[The bottle hits the pyramid, it begins to shake, it gives way in falls, suddenly the picture stops. Cut to the street with Ash, Jason, and ]

Bum: Wow, so you guys stopped them?

Ash: Yeah I guess we did.

Jason: Wow we saved the world.

Ash: …again.

Jason: Man am I hungry.

[Suddenly Ed arrives with the car, Alex is no where to be seen]

Ash, and Jason: Ed?

Ed: hey guys, hop in and I’ll give you a lift somewhere.

Ash: take us to McDonalds and we will be happy.

Alex: [Muffled in the trunk] Guys help me!

Jason: Was that Alex?

Ed: No, that’s a hostage I’m planning on trading for 40 grand, I het Alex With the car earlier.

Jason: Oh my god, you killed Alex!

Ash: Monster!

Alex: [Muffled in the trunk] I’m not dead yet!

Ed: Ok let’s go!

[Car drives off wile “Who’ll stop the rain” plays]

Alex: [Muffled in the trunk] Ed! I’m going to kill you, you hear me! You are so dead! Let me out of this car! I swear You goanna die! Let me out! ED!

[Roll credits, Alex is still yelling]

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