A Humanitarian Crisis in Conflict Situations: the case of the Equateur Neocollective
How can the lessons of the Equateur experience, hours of running the simulator in a bunker, be applied to contingency and peace enforcement interventions, counter-insurgency operations, counter-narcotics operations, humanitarian interventions, public health in a conflict setting, intervention in ethnic conflict, investment and resource development in unstable settings, or the delivery of international development aid?
In what formats can these lessons be explored? examples: written report of simulation results; as a hypothetical/simulated case study within a larger proposal or analysis; in a simulation-fictional account; as a simulation-fictional operations manual; as an excel-based simulation package (in alternative spheres - security, development, humanitarian); as a challenge exam - a simulated test or training means for those involved in setting akin to Equateur; as a MPOU game/simulation (like Second Life, but in this much more challenging setting); or as a boardgame?
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