equery - Gentoo: Package Query Tool

How to give this command

equery [global-opts] command [local-opts]

Some commonly used equery commands equery -h - displays help text

equery -V - displays equery's version

equery belongs <file name> - returns the name of the software to which the file belongs to

               eg. equery uses httpd.conf it gives apache2 in my case. In 
               case apache was installed, it would give apache and it neither 
               was installed it would return nothing

equery depends <opera> - which packages depend upon this package

               eg. query depends gcc gives out the packages depending on gcc

equery depgraph <package name> - shows the dependancy tree for this package

               eg. equery depgraph gcc shows all packages depending on gcc. 
               This one was interesting but unreadable :-P way too much output.

equery files <package name> - shows list of files owned by the package

               eg. equery files mysql show all the files owned by mysql

Some extra options are

equery files --timestamp <package name> - output the timestamp of each file

equery files --md5sum <package name> - output the md5sum of each file

equery files --type <package name> - output the type of each file

equery files --filter=<rules> <package name> - filter output based on files type or path

       <rules> is a comma separated list of filtering rules. Available rules are: 
             *  dir  regular directories 
             *  obj  regular files 
             *  sym  symbolic links 
             *  dev  device nodes 
             *  fifo named pipes 
             *  path shortest paths where some files where installed 
             *  conf configuration files (based on $CONFIG_PROTECT) 
             *  cmd  user commands (based on $PATH) 
             *  doc  documentation files (from /usr/share/doc) 
             *  man  manpages (from /usr/share/man) 
             *  info info pages (from /usr/share/info) 
             eg. equery equery files --filter=dir  mysql list all directories 
             owned by mysql

equery hasuse useflag - lists all packages depending on this use flag

             eg. equery hasuse alsa lists all packages having alsa as use 
             flag. 'I' means the package is installed, a red -ve sign means 
             that alsa flag has been disabled for that package

equery list <string> - lists all packages matching the string

           equery list zilla - list all installed versions of packages 
           containing the string 'zilla' 
           equery list --exact-name x11-libs/gtk+ - list all installed 
           versions of x11-libs/gtk+ 
           equery list --full-regex '(mozilla-firefox|mozilla-thunderbird)' - 
           list all installed versions of mozilla-firefox and mozilla-thunderbird 
           equery list --duplicates - list all installed slotted packages 

equery size <package name> - outputs the number of files in the specified package, as well as their total size in an appropriate unit.

            eg. equery size amarok gives me total nos. of files belonging
            to amarok and their total size in KiB

equery uses <package name> - display USE flags for the package. Those in red are enabled, those in blue are disabled

            eg. equery uses kdelibs - lists all use flags for kdelibs

equery which <package name> - print full path to ebuild for package pkgspec

            eg. equery which opera lists path to the ebuild of opera

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