A series of events that took place on Equinox during 2799 CE that resulted in violent confrontations between rank and file employees of Weyerhaeuser-Pacific and the Corporation’s security service. Historians attribute the confrontation to the mounting discontent with living and working conditions on Equinox, and a catalytic speech delivered by Joshua Sinclair during a festival gathering. Joshua Sinclair spoke to a gathering at the Enochiian School which included a number of Weyerhaeuser personnel. His topic was self-responsibility – that humanity’s highest responsibility is that of free will and choice.

Soon nonviolent protests were appearing at many of the Corporation’s processing plants and warehouses. The protests escalated to picketing the planetary headquarters at Augusta. Management’s response was meager and unsatisfying. Leaders of the protests determined that no alternative was left but to call a general strike.

The wisdomwood mill at New Snoqualmie was targeted by Joseph Sinclair for a show of corporate force. Security detachments were dispatched to the mill with orders to arrest all of the strikers. The commander of the detachment exceeded his orders and ordered his troops to administer beatings to each of the strikers in the process of the arrest.

Joseph Sinclair attempted to intercede with the strikers on the morning of August 9, 2799 CE. He spoke to the strikers standing on the steps of the Administration Building in Augusta. He was struck in the temple by a thrown rock and was pronounced dead at 18:00:00 by the Chief Medical Officer.

James Stewart Sinclair, Planetary Operations Officer, became acting PEO and immediately called for retribution. He declares a state of emergency and places the colony under martial law. The leaders of the protesting employees were arrested, tried by the Company Court – a tribunal of three Company Justices, found guilty and publicly executed. Workers were ordered back to work at gunpoint, and martial law was maintained for the remainder of the year.

Productivity suffered, but there were no more protests. Sinclair increased the availability of entertainment and luxury items in the Company stores during 2800 CE, and productivity returned to meet his high standards.

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