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  • The Titans are depicted as giant versions of Elvis Presley (as he appeared in the relatively late "fat and gaudy" period of his career). Page 1
  • Lord Stanley the Plaid's Chief Croakamancer is named "Wanda Firebaugh", which can be roughly pronounced as "Wand of Fireball", a common item in Dungeons and Dragons. Page 2
  • The Magic Kingdom is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort. Page 5
  • The word 'gwiffon' is obviously a reference to the mythological griffin, and in the art they resemble peeps. Page 7
  • Orlies are a type of owl that parodies the ORLY? Owl meme and its spin-offs. Page 9
  • Hat Magic (a school of Clevermancy) is outright a parody of the magician's standby magic hat tricks, such as disappearing or appearing things using a top hat. Page 10
  • Hippymancy, as well as its school of Flower Power, are references to hippyism and the Flower Power movement in the 1970s United States. Page 11

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