The planet Ergo is a planet that is located in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.


Ergo's star system is located in a sector called the Hargin Sector.


The star system that ergo is located in is called the Alkin System.


Ergo has only one sun that the planet orbits. Ergo is also the third planet from the sun.


Ergo has 42 Moons that orbit it. None of the moons are inhabited. The most inhospitable moon is the volcanic moon of Alteran.


In the unknown regions Ergo is located in 0'0'0.

Distance from Sun

Ergo is the third planet from the sun.

Rotation Period

Ergo rotates around the planet for apromentaly 25 standard hours.

Orbital Period

Ergo completes its orbit around the sun in 357 days.



Ergo is a terrestrial planet.


Ergo is aproximentaly 1'489 KM.


The atmosphere of Ergo is a mix of oxygen and other gases.


The climate of the planet is temperate in most areas. Arid in deserts and cold in the polar ice cap.


Ergo has a standard gravity.

Primary Terrain

Ergo has various terrain on the three different continents. The largest continent of Macor has Grasslands, small seas, forests, cities, jungles, swamps, deserts and mountains. Another continent called Baslar is full of Urban Sprawls, Plains, Bamboo Forests, Mountains and Glaciers. The third and final continent is called Sorontill is full of Plains, hills, forests, mesas, mountains, seas and islands. There is also a large island in between Baslar and Sorontill called Steltout. Steltout has Forests, Plains and Mountains.

Surface Water

Ergo is 80% water.

Points of Interest

On each continent the planet is full of national parks, Zoos, cities, seas and famous landmarks.



The planet ergo has many species from different worlds. The most populous species are humans, twi'leks, sullustans and Bothans. There are also mandalorians on the planet. Other species are almost every species in the galaxy.

Official Language

The official language of Ergo is basic.


Ergo has a large population of 1 trillion.

Major Cities

Macor has 5 major cities. One of those cities is called Crevasse City was built on the sides of a canyon. Another city called Malachor City is located on a small island off the coast of Macor in the center of a caldera. Terrarium City is located in a natural depression in the grasslands. Chianar is a settlement in the grasslands where farmers and merchants live. Finally, on the continent theres an island city in a lake known as Belleau-a-Lir. Sorontill has 7 major cities. One of the largest cities is Allon. Allon is a large bustling city with 6'000'000 civilians. There is also the tourist city of Grolpo. There is also the two mountains cities known as Westrex and Wozin. Baslar's cities include Curamelle a city where there is a military academy, Tasjon, a large and popular location for swoop racing, and finally theres Crullov City. The island continent of Steltout has a large walled city called Iziz.


Ergo has no history of affiltration with anyone in the past 20'000 years. The world has been home to the rakatan who occupied this world befor the plague. Now only 400 rakatan live on the planet.

Planetary Features



Geographical Features




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