mike as woody

sulley as buzz lightyear

wilt as mr. potato head

gromit as slinky dog

lenny the shark as rex

donkey as hamm

celia as bo peep

goomba as sarge

the chicken (from the muppets) as sarge's soldiers

tyler as kid andy

joey as sid

burt the elephant as scud the dog

alex the lion as lenny

scoop as rc

rody (from flushed away) as snake

sid (from flushed away) as robot

marty the zebra as mr. shark

catdog as bo peep's sheep

bugs (from a bug's life) as green alien

mr. bile's yellow parther (from monsters inc) as wheezy

don lino as zurg

robbie and tommy (at tommy robbie and grandma's house) as al

gloria the hippo as jessie

tantor as prospector

melman the giraffe as bullseye

coco (from foster's home for imaginary friends) as mrs. potato head

more coming soom

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