Eric is SuperMalechi's GoAnimate! character. He is 14 years old, and is Oliver and Brian's younger brother.


Eric has blonde hair, and wears glasses. He also wears a red shirt, with green stripes, green shorts, white socks and brown shoes.


Eric and Brian are michevious, and hate SuperMalechi's favorite TV shows such as Barney, Thomas and Shining Time Station. Eric is 14 years old, and Brian is 16 years old. In real life, Eric's voice would be silimar to Daneboe's voice, while Brian's voice would've been silimar to his GoAnimate! voice. Also, Oliver is friendly and generous, and likes Barney, Thomas and Shining Time Station unlike the two.


  1. Eric and Brian Get Detention!
  2. Eric Misbehaves at a Store!

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