Somewhere in the middle of a forest....

Erica: Welcome everyone. I'm glad you all came. Here we shall discuss our plans to end our rivalries with the more major VG characters! Now for the epic roll-call! Amy Rose!

Amy: This council is just fabulous!

Erica: Princess Zelda and Princess Peach!

Zelda: She, like, has fruit growing out her head!

Peach: Hehe! Yeah! Heh!

Erica: Buddy!

Buddy: Word to your mama!

Erica: PaRappa the Rapper!

PaRappa: Hellooooooooooooo GameWorld!

Erica: Zombie Bentley!

Bentley: Brains! (I'm here!)

Erica: Sly Cooper and Murray!

Sly and Murray: DUH!

Erica: And finally Ade....I-I can't pronounce this name. How do you say this? Ado-Adel-Adu-Hakuna Matata? Look, I'm just gonna call you Ado, okay?

Adeline: (mumbles)

Erica: Okay! Now down to business. Epic business! Nyeh-heh-heh!

Buddy: Wait a second! This can't be all of us!

Erica: What are you blathering about?

Buddy: This can't be all of gaming's awesomest! I mean, what about Rouge the Bat?

Erica: We don't need Rouge! She'll just slow us down with all her money, power, and resources! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Buddy: She turned ya down, didn't she?

Erica: No! Well, look, she's not even one of us! She's not that epic. She's more like an anti-hero! The best kind of hero there is. They give us epic characters a good name.

Amy: But I'm not an epic character either!

Erica: Of course you're an epic character! Whenever you get mad, the Piko Piko Hammer pops outta nowhere and you smash stuff!

Amy: Yeah, but I was confused! I didn't realize what I was doing!

Buddy: Is that what you told your parents when you accidently beat 'em up, mistaking them for bad guys?

Erica: Look, we didn't come here to talk about Amy's anger issues!

PaRappa: I did.

Bentley: Brains. (I just came here for the free cake.)

Erica: By the way, there is no free cake. It was a lie.

Bentley: Brains. (Figures.)

Erica: Silence! As leader of this council, I order you all to shut up! We need to come up with a plan to end our fueds with our rivals!

Buddy: Would it involve killing them? 'Cuz I'd totally be on board with that! Especially if it involves swords! I like swords! They make me feel tingly!

Erica: No! This is a tween-to-teen game/show! Besides, it would be way too obvious!

Buddy: Way too fun, more like it.

Erica: No. I've got a better idea anyway! Drumroll, please!


Erica: We are going to fight them....on a boat!! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!!!!

Buddy: Seriously? That's your plan!?

Erica: Yes. It's briliant, is it not?

Buddy: Why a boat?

Erica: Well, you see--Grr, you can stop the drumroll now!

(Drumroll ends)

Erica: You see, when they lose the fight, we'll push them off the side of the boat! IT'S INGENIOUS!!!

Buddy: And what's the bloody point in that?

Erica: Well, their hair will get all wet, and it will take them hours to dry!

Buddy: Why do we even need to fight them? Couldn't we just push them off the boat?

Erica: No! The battle is crucial to the plot! The awesome plot! In which I am the awesome mastermind!

Buddy: I've got a better idea; why don't you just use your Seedrian powers to control them? That way they'll just beat themselves.

Erica: Foolish fool! Don't you know? My powers only work on Sonic fan characters! Why do you think all my other associates are all my closest friends?

Buddy: But if that's the case, how come it worked on Nora Kouba?

Erica: Well, DUH! She's a Sonic FC anti-hero! Look her up on the Sonic Fanon Wiki if you don't believe me!

Buddy: Wow. That's a weird limitation.

Erica: Just trust me on this. My powers only work on inconspicuous Sonic FCs. And famous Sonic FCs. But trust me, those are REALLY hard to come by.

Amy: I know a few.

Erica: Why does that not surprise me?

Zelda: Huh huh, hey? Huh, where are, like, all of the hero dudes?

Peach: Yeah! Hehe, where are the hero dudes?

Erica: What did they just say?

Buddy: I think they want to know why there are no warriors.

Erica: Foolish fools! There are no warriors in video games! Only really heroic rebels! And I am the most heroic of them all!!!

Amy: Keep telling yourself that.

Erica: Look, we really need a good idea here! Anyone?

Bentley: Brains! (I have one!)

Erica: Bentley, do you have a plan that doesn't involve eating brains?

Bentley: Brains... (Nevermind...)

Erica: How about you, Ado?

Adeline: (mumbles)

Erica: Yeah, that's great, shut up.

PaRappa: I've got an idea!

Erica: Then sock it to us, big dog.

PaRappa: What if we...destroyed the gaming universe!?


PaRappa: That was a joke.

Erica: Well, we're not laughing!

Murray: Duh, I've got one!

Erica: Oh great, the big lurching freak job has one! Well, this better be good!

Murray: What if we stole their abilities while they aren't looking? That way they won't be able to stop us!

Erica: That is the worst idea I've ever heard of! You go to the back of the class!

Murray: D'oh! I'm so stupid!

Erica: Come on people! Surely one of you has a plan!

Buddy: Wait a second! If this is all of gaming's awesomest, then where are those magic freaks from the Touhou series?

Erica: I didn't invite them. Their all a bunch of dorks.

Buddy: For once, we agree on something!

Meanwhile, at a Gensokyo household...

Cirno: WHAT!? Erica the Seedrian is having a council without us?! They even have cake, the jerks!

Sakuya: That Erica is so uncouth!

Rumia: Well, crikey! Throw another shrimp on the barbie!!

Wriggle: Buzz!

Cirno: Well, we'll show them! We'll form our own epic council! And we'll have cupcakes! Cupcakes are way better than cake!

Sakuya: That's right!

Wriggle: Buzz buzz!

Back in the forest...

Erica: Think people! One of you VG characters has to have a good plan!

Buddy: That's it! I've had enough of this stupidity! I've got an idea!

Erica: If it's about killing them, we're not doing that. Besides, the ESRB would just censor it.

Buddy: It's not about that!

Erica: Than what is it, cutie?

Buddy: I told you to stop calling me cutie!

Erica: Well, you had it coming! I mean, look at you! You look like a human Pikachu for Nintendo's sake!

Peach: Heh! I was friends with a Pikachu once! It kept shocking me, but I still liked it! Hehe! Pikachu are cool! Heh!

Erica: Okay, well, what was that idea of yours, Buddy?

Buddy: We go online and criticize their series!

Erica: Criticize their what?

Buddy: Their series! We post all sorts of pages and comments involving the games they were in! It'll annoy them to an infinate extent.

Erica: That's actually a pretty good idea. Let's do that!

Sly: Hey, I didn't get any lines in this!

Erica: Save it for the next meeting!

Back in the Gensokyo house...

Cirno: And so, we'll go online and criticize Erica's fangames! It's brilliant!

Sakuya: Great! But when do we get those cupcakes? I wanted them now!

Wriggle: Buzz buzz buzz buzz!

Rumia: C'mon blokes! Let's practice on our insults!

Cirno: Oh God, I'm surrounded by idiots!

The only character that belongs to me is Erica. Nora belongs to NoraKouba a.k.a. Noratheangelseedrian. All official game characters belong to their respectful companies. The original video belongs to LittleKuriboh.

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