So, Erica got a copy of the song Surfin' Bird and is going on and on and on about it to everyone. One day she has Russia and China from Hetalia over and things go awry!.........

Erica: Russia, can I see that paper for a second?.......Uh huh......strange, I thought that would be big news.

Russia: You thought what would be big news?

Erica: There seems to be an article missing from the newspaper. A headline regarding a certain avian variety.

Russia: Erica, what are you talking about?

Erica: Oh have you not heard? It was my assuming that everyone had heard!

Russia: Heard what?

China: Russia DON'T!!!

Erica: Oh well-a bird bird bird!

B-Bird's the word!

Oh well-a bird bird bird!

B-Bird's the word!

Russia! Don't you know about the bird?

Well Erica's gonna tell you about the bird!

Oh well-a bird bird bird!

B-Bird's the word!

Oh well-a bird!




Russia: Oh my God! Erica are you okay?

Erica: U-ma-ma-uma-mow-mow! Uma-mow-mow! Uma-mow-uma-mow-mow! Uma-mow-mow-uma-uma-mow-mow!

A little while later, Russia and China destroy the record while Erica sleeps. This is what happened the following morning........


China: Who did what, Miss?

Russia: Yes Erica, what are you talking about?

Erica: Surfin' Bird is gone! I took it to bed, it fell asleep in my arms, and this morning IT'S GONE!!

Punk: Well, Erica, no one here would steal from you!

Erica: Oh, none of you had a motive Punk? You ALL had a motive!! Every one of you!! You knew I had changed my will and left everything to the record! And that's why you wanted the record out of the way! Aqua was looking to get a passport for her twin sister to get her out of the country, but the record wouldn't allow it! What Aqua didn't count on me finding out is that she has no twin sister! And that Aqua herself was recently released from the sanitarium! And that's when M.G. came into the picture!

M.G.: So you got it all figured out, do ya? You couldn't leave well enough alone!!

Erica: You wouldn't fire at me M.G.! You don't have the stomach for it!


M.G.: Ahahaha! Sorry Erica; I have no idea what you're talking about.

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