Version 1

Erik was born on June 7, 1991.


Kate: Baugggggggggggggg...

Paul: What's the matter, honey?

Kate: I drank a million cups of coffee, then my stomach is gigantic.

Paul: Don't worry, darling. I'm going to take you to the hospital.

[at hospital...]

Paul: Is my wife okay, doctor?!

Doctor: Yes, Paul. Kate is completely fine. Okay, Kate. Push now. Push harder. Push, push, push, and push. [finally, the baby pops out of Kate's stomach] Congrats, Kate! It's a girl. What's her name, Paul?

Paul: Erik.

Kate: Let's bring our daughter home, Paul.

[age 1]

[Erik and her parents watch Candle Cove on TV]

[age 2]

Paul: Enjoy Christmas in 1993! See my daughter Erik? She's wanting a kajillion gifts and toys from Santa Claus. Say hi to camera, Erik.

Erik: I want Barney! [x8] Barney's my favorite! [giggles]

Paul: Whoa-whoa, Erik. Watch your language.

Kate: So my daughter wants Barney for Christmas. [chuckles] Merry Christmas!

[age 3]

Mr. Simon: Okay, class. Today we'll share hot dogs and soda. Who wants a go?

All children: Me! [x5]

Julie: I'm going to steal hot dogs and soda! [eats all the hot dogs and drinks all the soda] Oooooh, yum! Mighty tasty!! [giggles] I love hot dogs and soda!

Erik: Julie ate all the hot dogs and drank all the soda! [bawls loudly]

Mr. Simon: Stop complaining, preschoolers! Julie, go to the time-out corner!

Julie: Okay, Mr. Simon. [sighs]

Erik: [laughs at Julie] That silly pretty girl! Ha-ha!

[age 7]

[Erik's great-uncle Will died from a subway crash]

Erik: Good-bye, uncle Will! I will miss you so much! [sobs loudly]

[R.I.P.: William Matthew Scarlett [1927 - 1998]]

[age 10]

[Erik still has her parents and she has her new great-uncle Winslow]

Winslow: Hello. I'm Winslow, uncle of my great-niece Erik's dad.

Erik: Hi, uncle Winslow! [giggles]

[age 21]

[Erik gets grounded by his parents]

Paul: Go to your room now and you're so grounded for life!


Version 2

Erik was born on December 30, 1954.


Doctor: Okay, Kate. Push, push, push, push, push. [finally, the baby pops out of Kate's stomach] Congrats! It's a girl. What shall we call her?

Brian: How about... Erik?

Kate: I like that name for that baby girl. [chuckles]

[age 51]

Kate: Happy birthday, Erik. Enjoy this lovely cake.

Brian: Yes, Kate.

Erik: Oh, boy! Cake! [jumps on top of the cake and squishes it very flat]

Brian: My daughter has said her first words! [chuckles]

Kate: Hmm. [looks down at Erik eating the flat cake] Silly all babies. [sighs]

[age 58]

Brian: Enjoy Chinese New Year in 2012! See my daughter Erik? She's eating food. Say hi to camera, Erik.

Erik: I want Chinese meat now!

Kate: My daughter is so proud. [sighs] Happy Chinese New Year! [chuckles]

[age 59]

Kate: Here's school. Let's go inside.

Erik: Okay, mommy. [giggles]

Kate: Welcome to milk and cookies. You want to eat them, Erik?

Erik: Oh, yes! [giggles, then shoves milk and cookies in her mouth] Yummy!

Brian: Erik is extremely playful today. Thanks to all of you! [sighs]

[age 60]

[Erik's parents died from a car crash]

Erik: [sobbing] Good-bye, mom and dad!

[R.I.P.: Brian and Kate [1902 - 2014]]

[age 71]

[Erik has his foster parents Paul and Gabby, but they ground her for the first time]

Gabby: Go upstairs!

Paul: [mimics his wife] Go upstairs!


Air Date

August 2, 2012

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