Erika is the Celadon City Gym Leader and the love interest of Brock appearing in Pokemon Scent-Sation. Voiced by Leah Applebaum, she has short dark blue hair, green eyes and wears a green short sleeved dress with a tiny red bow on it, tan pantyhose and red high heels. At her age, she is 16 years old.


  • Unnamed Parents
  • Brock (Love Interest)
  • Mai Valentine (Rival)


  1.  Liking for Brock
  2.  Doing her hula dance
  3.  Being beautiful


  1.  Her rivalry with Mai
  2.  Seeing Zuzu interfere with Brock
  3.  Becoming worse


  • She is a girl who earlier disguised herself as a store manager
  • She also has many types of shoes besides wearing her red heels.
  • The color of her pantyhose is the same light tan color as Giselle's.

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