Zara and Annabelle want to see the Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day Premier but Erika wants to see Dragon Tales. They all take the bus to go there. Erika complains during the trip. Zara ignores it and continues. Erika begs for McDonald's. They go there. When they arrive, they realize that the Premier is nearly done. After that, they go home. Erika is grounded.


Zara: Erika, you're going to the Alexander and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day Premier because Annabelle and I want to go.

Erika: No! I'm going to watch Dragon Tales.

Annabelle: I don't care! You're going to the movies and that's final! Get on the bus!

(on bus)

Erika: Zara, I don't want to go!

Zara: Too bad!

Erika: I want McDonald's!

Zara: There's food there!

Erika: I'm really hungry!

Zara: Let's stop there.

(at movies)

Zara: Now we're there but we're late. All we wanted to do was see the premier but you had to delay us!

(applause is heard)

Zara: The movie is over! Erika, how dare you! You're grounded.

(at home)

Zara: Since you made us late for the premier, you're grounded!

Grounded for 12345678998765432112345678998765432112345678998765432100000000000000000 years!

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