Character Overview

Eritta entered the Academy at the age of 18 as Eritta Uza Domian. She stands at about 5'7" with an average build. Her home plane is Earth, specifically Chicago. She had no connection with Magic the Gathering as a game, and was introduced to the worlds by a fight between Cierlan Stonewater and Zakirael Rizi, during which Cierlan kept her from being killed as an innocent bystander, and then offered to either wipe her memory (and possibly take several years with it) or take her with him and teach her magic. She chose the latter. She is fairly proud and somewhat stubborn in some things, but usually knows her limits and accepts them gracefully. Her loyalty runs extremely deep with those who have it, but she is generally a good person who won't turn on someone in need. Her fighting styles lie in words and mana, though she has some skill with a bow and minimal experience with a blade.

History (MWOT)

Cierlan tutored her as they went to the Academy, though his nerves and slight inexperience made it a difficult venture for them both. Though she gave him her name, he could not since the man he had fought with was still around and seeking him. While travelling, they discovered that Eritta could summon using the opposing colors of white and black.

Soon after entering the Academy, Eritta was accidentally planeswalked to a vacation which several of the students and Arrathir were taking (see Anatomy of the Multiverse) and was kidnapped by the Simic, who were experimenting to splice demon and Human DNA. They succeeded in changing Eritta's body somewhat, but none of the demon took hold. Since then, Eritta has had Kitsune ears and tail in the colors of her mana, Black taking the dominant trait. Her eyes, oddly to her at the time, washed out to blue. The transformation, together with the newness of the Academy life in general was too much, and Eritta used a glamour to cover the parts for a long time following their acquisition.

Yoketa took Eritta as an apprentice somewhere around six months after Eritta entered the Academy. Though he could only teach her black spells, Eritta found herself drawn to blue mana and could go to others at the Academy for white spells; to say nothing of the friendship they had oddly forged during a class. This changed when Yoketa, Lowe, and Eritta went and got a new Mirari from Karn, the Silver Golem. As a payment for the knowladge to defeat a horde of dragons, the Mirari took Yoketa's memory of Eritta (moments after swearing he would always listen to her and would not be consumed by the Mirari). To say the least, this fractured their bond. Eritta, after convincing a very paranoid Yoketa to allow her to follow him while being tempted by the Mirari, finally asked it how it could be destroyed. Yoketa saved her from the rot of the backlash, but when she finally returned to the Academy she was still very sick, tired and heartbroken.

During this time, Lowe also gave her a piece of his Red side in the form of a sword, which could change into a bracelet when it was needed. This piece drowned out the Mirari and allowed her to continue to try and keep Yoketa in line, with extremely mixed success.

Once the Mirari situation settled somewhat, Eritta took a vacation away from the Academy to try and get her head on straight. She got slightly more than she bargained for in a small scuffle with some misfits when none other that Cierlan, the man who had originally taken her to the Academy, stepped in to help her. Eritta spent several months almost exclusively with him in Keld, occasionally returning to the Academy to check on what she considered her home. With Cierlan she truly came to terms with no longer claiming Earth as her home, the Mirari, and her transformation, also discovering her affiliation for blue mana with him. The story can be seen as a full story under "Sabbatical and Things That Follow After" in the creativity section.

While back at the Academy a few months later, Cierlan proposed to Eritta through a letter, coming as a complete surprise to Eritta. The letter said that she could wait until her graduation to give an answer, a stipulation which proved most valuable.

In the weeks proceeding her graduation, Eritta received a letter from the nezumi Aoi Wazura, with the message to wait until after she had graduated to open it. Though curious, Eritta waited, and directly after she had gone through the ceremony opened the letter, which turned out to be from Damien Wilacoth, naming her a part of a prophecy as the Soul of Silence, and asking her to help him fight the newest menace of the academy, Abel Getragan. Having lost friends to the man and seen what Abel was capable of, Eritta immediately set out.

Damien and Eritta spent roughly two months in Benalia looking for parts of the prophecy, which named a child as the one who was crucial to killing the aberration (aka Abel). A strong attraction and coincidental series of events led to a one night stand and the eventual discovery that Eritta was pregnant. It took very little time to realize and confirm that the child she carried was the child of prophecy, at which time they both returned to the Academy. Roughly five months later, Eritta gave birth to Owen Uza Wilacoth, and Eritta and Damien were married soon after.

After the final battle with Abel, in which the Mirari was destroyed, Damien's demonic traits were reverted back to human, and Owen's age was accelerated to a physical and emotional age older than his mother, Eritta spent several weeks coming to terms with all of the changes, and though it took her a week to come to terms with her husband's new appearance, she did. The hardest to accept was Owen's change, from the child she had sacrificed so much for to an emotional shell that barely recognized her as his mother. However, once they had spoken, Eritta settled to be happy that her son was still alive in some manner.

After a few months during which the Academy settled after the upheaval of Abel, Owen called Eritta to the workshop which he had settled into to witness the return of her true son, who, by several coincidences and magic, looked nearly identical to Abel himself. While at first unnerved, Eritta recovered very soon and was overjoyed to find her family whole again.

During the Illusion Arc, Eritta was killed along with the rest of the Academy, and then resurrected by the keepers. There were three illusions of her used against people, and three illusions to her. An illusion of Eritta seduced Wallace Aravia, causing a very deep rift to form between he and the Wilacoths. Another stabbed Sakura Kitsune, and a third attempted to break the relationship of Nayana and Wallace before the new student caught the illusion, though it still attacked her and eventually Wallace.

Eritta received visits from two small illusions, one of Kiri Getragen (the daughter of Abel Getragen and Sakura Kitsune) one of Owen, and Abel Getragen himself. During the last illusion Eritta was tortured for roughly eight hours and came out of it having lost both her mind and her connections to mana. During the first hour after being put into the Hospital Wing, Eritta barely stopped screaming or babbling, the only thing keeping her from completely losing it Damien's arrival. When Owen entered, however, Eritta mistook him for her tormentor and it took the use of a Cunning Wish spell to set her to rights, which did a lot to convince her that the dead Aberration was indeed still dead. It still took her four days to even realize that she had indeed lost her mind. It took roughly two months to fully return to herself.

After the collapse of Arcanis, Eritta and Damien first went to Cierlan's, as it was the closest place to stay either of them knew. This was the first time that Cierlan's house - the people who had known Eritta long before she was married - has seen her, and their first meeting of her husband Damien, which caused a bit of an uproar. Not long after coming to the Stonewater household, Eritta and Damien decided together that they wanted to find a permanent place to live and raise a family away from the academy. Eritta suggested Benalia at first, but easily followed Damien's suggestion to see Kamigawa.

While at the house of Damien's "Father", Jin-kun Taiyou, they received word that the academy had been rebuilt. Having missed the place and people, they decided to visit and let everyone know of their plans to relocate.

However, those plans were severely disrupted when at the academy Eritta was attacked. 'Los deathstalker killed the assassin - who named himself Zaruku Rizi and told her she was of the last relatives of a Roran Uza. While he died before he could elaborate, Eritta discovered through Cierlan that Roran Uza was refering to her grandfather, who had been a mage in Dominaria. He had been set to marry a Rizi but found the match displeasing and so left her. It is unknown whether his betrothed lost her mind or if he destroyed it - as a black-blue mage it seemed quite likely - and the Rizi believed it so deeply that they swore vengence, slaying every Uza... except for Roran, who had disappeared from the plane.

Knowing this, Eritta suddenly realized that if they knew of her whereabouts they probably knew of her roots, and worried for the family she had left behind on earth. She put together a rescue team of several mages and left soon after the attack.

The mission was essentially a success - and introduced Eritta's entire family: two cousins, Benjamin and Joseph, her aunt, Rachel, and uncle, Daniel. The family was understandably confused, skeptical, and even angry for the sudden intrusion on their lives. It quickly became apparent that the Rizi would not simply give up though, and it was only when Benjamin manifested talent with mana that Eritta was able to strike a deal. The Rizi originally wanted a marriage between Ben and one of their women, however Eritta convinced them to take Ben on as an assistant for three months out of the year until he became a Master Summoner (Arcanist), then earning the right for he and Eritta to purchase land which had been taken over when the Rizi slaughtered the Uzas.

Out Of Character

The Mighty Wall of Text awards are a brainchild of Zane Fleia's inspired by Eritta's often long posts. They are rewarded for any post on AoM (or just about anywhere) which is very long. The proper card is broken and is as follows.

Mighty Wall of Text 9BBBWWWU Creature - Wall X = The amount of syllables in all of the words on all permanents on the field. Defender. Return a card you own with at least seven syllables to your hand: Play this card directly from your hand as an instant. Sacrifice a card with at least three syllables: Mighty Wall of Text loses Defender. 0/X COMBO ME WITH Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made This Card To Have The Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental

OOC AoM Eritta is quite different than IC Eritta, as can be seen in the one year party. She does not have the genetic alterations, she is Bi, and runs a buisness in the Cabal renting out Rock Golems by the hour, much to Ryu Phoenix's dismay

RL Eritta is known for very slow posting, the words 'F*** you!' slips of the tongue, being a girl in RL, putting up with YM, MWoTs (as seen above), and is sure she's missing something. She invites any reading this to add to this section if they wish.


Zuri (retired), Benjamin Westan (retired), Sartima Loquita, Morgan (mod)

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