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Ernest Major

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backspace <> writes
>"...It contrasts with the evolutionary mechanism, natural selection, a
>non-random selection process in which the tendency of alleles to
>become more or less widespread in a population over time is due to the
>alleles' effects on adaptive and reproductive success..."

>What would a random selection process look like?

Isn't there something in the Bible about drawing lots?

For a contemporary example, a random data stream can be obtained from
the number of decays in a sample of radioactive material. This could be
used to select the winners of a lottery.


The data stream from the decays sample had no intent, it didn't produce anything with the intent of providing a lottery selection winner

When somebody selects for a ball in a bag of balls one can state that he did a "random selection" if the intent is clear that he a conscious being with a goal did a "selection at random".

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