Ernest the Engine & Others is a Parody on Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends on the Australian Comedy Inc which features an engine car named Ernest who works with his friends Stevie the Steam Train, who stutters badly at inappropriate of moments and Gail the Guard's Compartment, who can get a bit angry at times.

Season Overview

Season 1 (April 2, 2001 - May 29, 2001)

Season 2 (June 26, 2001 - October 8, 2002)

Season 3 (January 21, 2003 - December 16, 2003)


Season 1 (2001)

  1. The Fat Controller - April 2, 2001 (first appearance of Ernest the Engine Car, Stevie the Steam Train and the Controller)
  2. Ernest the Search Engine - April 3, 2001
  3. Poetry - April 10, 2001 (first appearance of Gail the Guard's Compartment)
  4. Broken Silence - April 11, 2001
  5. Road Rage -  April 12, 2001
  6. Gail's Time of the Month - April 17, 2001
  7. It Takes Two - April 20, 2001
  8. Enemy - April 23, 2001
  9. Dating - April 24, 2001 (first time where Gail appears, but does not speak)
  10. Gail Wants a Pet - April 25, 2001
  11. Smoking - April 27, 2001
  12. Ernest Brags To Gail - April 30, 2001
  13. Stevie Tweets - May 1, 2001
  14. Ernest thinks Stevie is a Niglet - May 22, 2001
  15. Stevie singing Inappropriate Songs to Gail - May 22, 2001
  16. Ernest thinks Stevie is a Nazi - May 29, 2001

Season 2 (2001-2002)

  1. Going to Kill Again - June 26, 2001
  2. Truck People - July 3, 2001
  3. Drugs  - July 10, 2001
  4. Stevie Didn't Get the Job - July 17, 2001 (first time where Ernest says one line)
  5. Revolution - July 24, 2001
  6. Masturbation - July 31, 2001 (first time where Ernest appears, but does not speak)
  7. Sick of Passengers - August 7, 2001
  8. Sexual Descrimination - August 14, 2001
  9. Dreams - August 21, 2001
  10. Sexism (Part 1) - August 28, 2001
  11. Sexism (Part 2) - September 11, 2001
  12. Pregnant - October 8, 2002
  13. Pregnant (Part 2)- October 8, 2002

Season 2 extras (2001-2002)

  1. Singing Inappropriate Songs - June 30, 2001
  2. Alphabet Game - July 7, 2001
  3. Stevie Pooped - July 14, 2001
  4. Pram - August 3, 2001
  5. Malice the Red Engine Car visits - November 6, 2001
  6. Max the Green Tank Engine visits - November 20, 2001 
  7. Stevie Sings Haman's Song [Screwed and Chopped] - January 8, 2002
  8. Eaten by Giant - January 15, 2002
  9. Top Hats Galore - January 22, 2002
  10. They're Not That Great - January 29, 2002
  11. Lotta Jews -February 5, 2002
  12. Anus - February 7, 2002
  13. Bald Monkey on Knees - February 12, 2002
  14. A friend is a Humo - February 26, 2002
  15. Poop and Chicken: McCock - March 12, 2002
  16. Pram ll - April 3, 2002
  17. Inapropriate Songs - April 9, 2002
  18. Inapropriate Songs ll - April 23, 2002

Season 3 (No more Stuttering; 2003)

Stevie does Stutter in the First and Second Season from 2001 to 2002 Except Third Season

  1. Unknown Episodes


Ernest the Engine Car


Gail (left) and Ernest (right).

"So what went wrong?"
—Ernest, Stevie Doesn't Get the Job, second season

Ernest is a yellow diesel engine car who is always shown in the sheds next to Stevie the Steam Train. He is the only character that is not seen moving.

Ernest once gets the idea to become a search engine to become a Dot Com Millionaire in order to beat Google so people can download Hard Core pornography. He is the main character who appears in the logo beginning pulling some trucks. He also wants to date Gail the guard's compartment and asked Stevie the steam train who had dated her once saying that he tried to forget all about it. He is also racist against truck people and black people.

He is based on a LGB 2090n 0-4-0

He is a parody of Thomas.

Gail the Guard's Compartment

"Forget it! I think I'll just adopt!"
—Gail, Gail Wants a Pet, first season

Gail is a diesel-powered guard's compartment who usually appears on Ernest's left side next to the shed. She is the only one seen to leave the shed.

Stevie once dated her claiming that she has a big Arsenal souvenir collection and Arsenal computer site (all which his stutter was mistaken for her having a very loose arse). In the first season episode "Gail's Time of the Month", she once was having that time of the month where she needed a new coat of paint (a joke on having a period) and stated that "guard's compartment" is just another word of saying "rear end". Stevie tries to calm her (although his stutter isn't helping her one bit) by saying that if she was a big fat arse there would be no gap in between the station platform which really didn't help. Ernest also tries to calm by asking her if she's trying on a shed which distracted her. She was once caught packed with high grade heroin. Since then, she has steered clear of drugs, and formed an anti-drug support group: Carriages United Not Taking Substances, whom for obvious reasons rarely use their acronym. Ernest wants to date her.

She is based on a 21670 LGB Track Cleaning Locomotive

She is a parody of Emily, Daisy or Mavis. Most likely Daisy, since they are a bit grumpy and bossy.

Stevie the Steam Train


Stevie the Steam Train

"It's not like everybody doesn't do it!"
—Stevie, Masturbation, second season

Stevie, as his name suggests, is a steam train who always stutters badly at the most inappropriate of moments and singing inappropriate songs (told by the Narrator in every episode of the show).

He usually calls the Fat Controller "the Fat Cunt...the Fat Cunt...the Fat Controller" though when he wants to be called "the Big Controller", he calls him "a Big Cunt...a Big Cunt...a Big Controller!" His stuttering always gives people the wrong impression of what he's saying such as when Ernest asks him about when he went on a date with Gail or when Gail was having her time of the month. Stevie is Ernest's best friend who Ernest will usually go to for help. He is the only character which remains on the same track in the series.

He is based on a LGB 2076D B Type Tank Engine

He is a parody of Diesel or Percy.

Stevie's Most Famous Stutters

What's the Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Controller complaining about this time?

We can't call the Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Controller a Fat Cunt... a Fat Cunt... a Fat Controller anymore!

Then what are we supposed to call the Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Controller?

We're supposed to call the Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Controller a Big Cunt... a Big Cunt... a Big Controller?

Ernest is a dick... is a dick... is a dick... is a dick... is addicted alright! But you're a bitch... you're a bitch... you're a bitch... you're a bit cheeky lecturing us on drugs! The Federal Police once found you packed with high-grade heroin!

What you need is a big black cock... a big black cock... a big black cock... a big black cockerspaniel!

Shithole... shithole... shithole... shithole... she told me she was having body image issues! I think she's got the painters in!

Oh! I don't like spiders, they make me curse, and spiders on any web wide enough to stretch across the whole world are going to be BIG fuckers... BIG fuckers... BIG fuckers... BIG for cursing, I can tell you that now!

You can go to Hell... go to Hell... you can go to helplines and get much better advice than I can give you!

Do you want a cock...cock...cock...cock up, Ernest?

Once, I have to transport so much coal I hurt my cock... I hurt my cock... I hurt my cock... I hurt McCocksis!

The Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Cunt... the Fat Controller won't be very happy about this!

KaKaKaKaKaKaKa! KaKaKaKaKaKa!

I pulled her once, I was hoping to fugg... to fugg... to forget all about it! It was a disaster!

I said "You've got a big arse"... "'ve got a big arse---"... "...a big Arsenal Football Club souvenir collection."

She said, "I'm not going to sleep with you if that's what you're thinking!" I said, "Well, then, just fuck off---"... "...just fuck off---"... "...just for coffee!"

But she said she had an early start! Then she said, "I'm free this weekend though, what are you up to?" I said, "Wanking... wanking... wanking... when can we get together?" She said, "Actually, I think I'll pass!" And for the life of me, I don't know why!

You cunt... you cunt... you cunt... you can't say that! That's racist!

Well, the interview started off, alright...until they asked me, "So, why do you want to be around children?" I said, "Fuckin'... fuckin'... fuckin'... fuckin'... for Kindergarten kids, I'll do anything cause their faces light up when they get to climb on a train engine!" Then they asked me if I wanted to be bolted down or able to move! I said, "Definitely able to move!" They said, "Why?" and I said, "I would be able to go down the shop to buy the kids treats!" Then they said, "It says on your application you'd like a TV screen installed. What do you want to show the kids?" I said, "Films around with violence in 'em these days, I want to show the kids classics, like Lasse!" They said, "So when you see kids, you think of Lasse?" I said, "No! I think the latest kids movies aren't a patch of the old ones!" And CAN you BELIEVE it?! I didn't get the job!

Stevie's Song

Poop and Chicken, Poop and Chicken. Stevie loves Poop; Yes he does. I love Poop and Chicken, I love Poop and Chicken. I love Poo. How 'bout you?

The Controller

"Oh no! The Big Controller's on ecstacy again!"
—Ernest, Drugs, second season

The Controller is the man who runs the railway which Ernest, Stevie and Gail run on. He was originally called "the Fat Controller", but he complained to Ernest that he wanted to be called "the Big Controller" from then on. In recent episodes, he was called "the Overweight Controller".

Not much is known about him, but in the second season episode "Drugs", it is shown that he has been on ecstacy twice and when he does, he plays the sounds of "duff-duff music" over the platform speakers.

He is a parody of Sir Topham Hatt, the Fat Controller.

The Narrator

"And with that, the whiny-leso bitch shunted off back to Whiny-Leso Town where clearly she belonged. And the male engines laughed, and wished they had arms so they could drink beer, and turn on a telly to watch football and masterbait.
—The Narrator, Sexism, second season

The Narrator, of course, narrates the episodes. He is not really mentioned in the episodes except for the second season episode "Sexism" where Gail complains about everybody who can get things done being men. Stevie does not know what it is, always asking when someone mentions him, "What's a narrator?" Ernest isn't sure either, and thinks that he is even more powerful than the Overweight Controller. When Ernest wonders if he said, "And with that, the whiny-leso bitch shunted off back to Whiny-Leso Town where she belonged", Gail would chuff back to Whiny-Leso Town where clearly she belonged. And of course, the Narrator said that, and Gail left the train yard.

Bachmann (2001-2002)

  1. Ernest
  2. Stevie
  3. Gail
  4. Tammy
  5. Malice
  6. Max
  7. George


  1. Annis Coach
  2. Clarence Coach
  3. 2 Trucks


  1. The Controller


  1. 2 Engine Shed
  2. Gail's Station
  3. Tunnel


  1. Ernest the Engine Car Set
  2. Stevie the Steam Train Set
  3. Gail the Guard's Compartmant Set
  4. Deluxe Set


  1. Ernest the engine & others/Thomas
  2. Ernest the engine & others/TUGS
  3. Ernest the engine & others/Superted
  4. Ernest the Engine and Others/Young Ones
  5. Ernest the Engine and Others/Scooby Doo
  6. Ernest the Engine and Others/Bodgy Builder
  7. Ernest the Engine and Others/Captain Scarlet
  8. Ernest the Engine and Others/Alex the Engine Car and Friends
  9. Ernest the Engine and Others/Sesame Park
  10. Ernest the Engine & Others/Shining Time Station
  11. Ernest the Engine & Others/Sonic

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