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Primary star also known as Gamma Cephei. It is the first close in binary star found to have a planet. May contain the nearest "Sulfurous Cloud Giant" planet.

Errai System Web Pages

Errai System Artwork

Errai System In the News

First Planet in Close Binary Found (2002)

Sample Category (Year Range)

Errai System Fun Links

System Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Errai Star Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Planet b Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Map of Errai System

0.00 AU - Errai
x.xx AU - <periapsis/semi-major-axis/apapsis of sample planet>
x.xx AU - <habitability zone/stability zone/disk feature positions>

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