Error Chä is a volatile Chä in the Mechanical Zodiac.

To become an Error Chäotic, you must be in Black alignment and in the Intellect or Corrupt class.


Here is a description of Error Chä powers.


  • Error 404: Can conceal any item, be it physical, data, or mental. Memories are buried deep, objects become invisible, and data becomes inaccessible.
  • Loadtime: The victim expirences a significant delay from the time they trigger their power to the time it is used. Often one or two minutes.
  • Server Failure: The victim's weapons and powers are disabled, and their mental abilities are damaged. Often the victim will hallucinate or expirence delirium.
  • meBntSal erOroDr: Cause the victim to lose control of their sanity as long as the Chäotic keeps this in effect. The range of effects is broad, and most serious mental illnesses can be induced. Some, such as Schizophrenia, may be lasting.
  • Data Corruption: Computer data is damaged beyond repiar, Often attempting to repair the corruption will corrupt more data.
  • Bugged Line: Allows the Chäotic to overhear conversations on a certain phone or communication line.

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