Escape is the twenty-first episode of the third season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the seventy-third episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode of the same name.


  • Shining Armor as Edward
  • Big McIntosh as Gordon
  • Flash Sentry as James
  • Braeburn as Duck
  • Night Light as Douglas
  • Lucky (from Pound Puppies) as Oliver
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Angel as Trevor (does not speak)
  • Tank as Toad (does not speak)
  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas (cameo)
  • Zephyr Breeze as Henry (cameo)
  • Spike as Percy (cameo)
  • Discord as Diesel (cameo)
  • Fancy Pants as BoCo (cameo)
  • Rainbow Dash as Mavis (cameo)


Narrator: "One day, Shining Armor was talking to Angel when Night Light steamed by. He was working with some changelings."

Night Light: "Come on, Shining Armor! Stop gossiping in the sun when there's work to be done."

Narrator: "Later, Shining Armor spoke to Night Light."

Shining Armor: "Angel and I are old friends, and you and he have a lot in common too."

Night Light: "We do?"

Narrator: "Quizzed Night Light."

Night Light: "And what would that be?"

Shining Armor: "Death."

Narrator: "Said Shining Armor quietly. Night Light gasped."

Night Light: "Don't mention that word! It makes my hooves wobble!"

Shining Armor: "It does the same to Angel."

Narrator: "Said Shining Armor."

Shining Armor: "He was going to be killed, but the Vicar and I saved him and now he's really useful again. Even so, Princess Celestia certainly does need another pony here."

Night Light: "Aye, she does, and quickly."

Narrator: "That night, Night Light was still working. He had taken the midnight goods load to a station at a faraway part of Equestria where only the creatures worked. He was just arranging, ready for his return journey, when..."

Night Light: "That sounds like a pony."

Narrator: He thought. The hiss came again."

Night Light: "Who's there?"

Narrator: "Asked Night Light. A whisper came."

Lucky: "Are you Princess Celestia's pony?"

Night Light: "Aye, and proud of it."

Lucky: "Well I'm Lucky, and I'm with my tortoise, Tank. We have no more strength."

Night Light: "But what are you doing?"

Lucky: "Escaping."

Night Light: "From what?"

Lucky: "Death."

Narrator: "Night Light shivered. Then, he remembered Shining Armor's story about saving Angel."

Night Light: "I'll be glad to help you. It have look though that you're ready for death and I'm taking you away."

Narrator: "Their drivers and firemen agreed to help too. Everyone worked fast."

Night Light: "No time to turn around. I'll walk backwards. Come on."

Narrator: "But before they could clear the station, they were stopped."

Foreman: "Aha!"

Narrator: "Called the foreman."

Foreman: "An earth pony, and a tortoise too. You can't take these."

Night Light's Driver: "Aye, but there all for us."

Narrator: "Said Night Light's Driver."

Night Light's Driver: "See for yourself."

Narrator: "The foreman looked all over Lucky."

Foreman: "Seems in order. Right away, guard."

Night Light: "That was a near thing."

Lucky: "We've had worst."

Narrator: "Replied Lucky and they forged ahead.

It was daylight when their journey ended."

Night Light: "We're home!"

Narrator: "Cried Night Light."

Night Light' Driver: "Shh!"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Night Light's Driver: "There are the works. We'll find a place for Lucky."

Narrator: "Lucky said goodbye and thank you, and Night Light puffed away.

The next day, Night Light told the other animals all about Lucky."

Flash Sentry: "Princess Celestia will have to know."

Narrator: "Said Flash Sentry."

Big McIntosh: "Night Light should tell her at once."

Narrator: "Added Big McIntosh."

Princess Celestia: "Well, here she is."

Narrator: "Said a voice."

Princess Celestia: "Now, what's this all about?"

Braeburn: "Beg your pardon, Princess, but we do need another animal."

Big McIntosh: "Yes, Princess."

Narrator: "Ventured Big Mac."

Big McIntosh: "A pony, Princess."

Princess Celestia: "Well, unless one is saved from death, there's little hope."

Night Light: "But Princess, one has."

Princess Celestia: "Yes indeed. And thanks to you, Night Light, he is now at our works. Lucky is just what we need for Braeburn's route."

Narrator: "Everyone cheered.

Now Lucky and Tank are mended and given new coats. Braeburn and Lucky are happy on their route. The others laughed at first and called it "The Little Pony". Braeburn and Lucky were delighted, and so The Little Pony it will always be."

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