The Pongo and Friends version of Escape and Other Stories is a Disney/Thomas parody of the Thomas AUS video of the same name. It features ten third season episodes of Pongo the Dalmatian and Friends narrated by Michael Angelis.


  • Pongo (from 101 Dalmations) as Thomas
  • Hercules (from Hercules) as Edward
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Henry
  • Sir Ector (from The Sword in the Stone) as Gordon
  • Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse) as James
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Percy
  • Friar Tuck (from Robin Hood) as Toby
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Duck
  • The Raccoon Twins (from Peter Pan) as Donald and Douglas
  • Peter Pan (from Peter Pan) as Oliver
  • Tweedledee (from Alice in Wonderland) as Bill
  • Tweedledum (from Alice in Wonderland) as Ben
  • Captain Hook (from Peter Pan) as Diesel
  • Mufasa (from The Lion King) as BoCo
  • Abigail (from The Aristocats) as Annie
  • Amelia (from The Aristocats) as Clarabel
  • Pirates (from Peter Pan) as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Tod (from The Fox and the Hound) as Bertie
  • Scar (from The Lion King) as Bulgy
  • Owl (from Winnie the Pooh) as Harold
  • Mickey Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Professor Knight (from Monsters University) as The Quarrymaster
  • Mr. Dawes Sr. (from Mary Poppins) as The Other Railway Foreman
  • Bees (from Winnie the Pooh) as The Vicar's Bees
  • Jasmine (from Aladdin) as Henrietta (does not speak)
  • Mr. Toad (from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad) as Toad (does not speak)
  • Copper (from The Fox and the Hound) as Trevor (does not speak)
  • The Indian Chief (from Peter Pan) as Flying Scotsman (not named; does not speak)
  • Anna (from Frozen) as Mavis (cameo)
  • Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse) as Lady Hatt (cameo)
  • Jane Banks (from Mary Poppins) as Bridget Hatt (cameo)
  • George Banks (from Mary Poppins) as Jeremiah Jobling (cameo)
  • Mary Poppins (from Mary Poppins) as Mrs. Kyndley (cameo)
  • Alan-a-Dale (from Robin Hood) as Jem Cole (cameo)
  • Captain B. McCrea (from WALL-E) as Farmer Trotter (cameo)
  • Grimsby (from The Little Mermaid) as The Vicar of Wellsworth (mentioned)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


  1. All at Sea
  2. One Good Turn
  3. Big Disney Characters
  4. Escape
  5. Peter Pan Owns Up
  6. Scar
  7. Heroes
  8. Piglet, Donald and the Fruitful Day
  9. Pongo and Piglet's Christmas Adventure


All at Sea

Narrator: "Piglet and Jiminy Cricket like working at the harbor by the sea.

On a clear summer's night, there's no better place to be.

The big ships bring passengers, cargo ships carry machinery and other things. Jiminy and Piglet puffed backwards and forwards with the crates of cargo as they are loaded and unloaded by the keyside.

One morning, Jiminy and Piglet noticed that the horizon was packed with sails flapping against the blue sky."

Jiminy Cricket: "I wish I could sail to faraway lands."

Narrator: "Sighed Jiminy."

Piglet: "Crickets can't go sailing,"

Narrator: "Snorted Piglet."

Piglet: "Because crickets can't float."

Narrator: "Jiminy still had his dreams.

Suddenly, they were rudely interrupted."

Owl: "Wakey, wakey."

Narrator: "Hovered Owl."

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm looking at the boats."

Narrator: "Replied Jiminy."

Owl: "That's the Regatta."

Narrator: "Whirred Owl."

Owl: "Lots of boats, lots of races. Great fun. I hover around in case I'm needed."

Jiminy Cricket: "Do you go to the horizon?"

Narrator: "Asked Jiminy."

Owl: "Yes, and beyond."

Piglet: "I didn't know there was a beyond."

Narrator: "Whispered Piglet."

Jiminy Cricket: "Do you go to other places at sea?"

Narrator: "Continued Jiminy."

Owl: "Certainly. I can land on ships, you know. Anywhere, anytime. Good-bye."

Narrator: "Jiminy sighed.

He went on talking about the Regatta all day. Piglet lost patience."

Piglet: "Well, Jiminy, I'd rather have my feet on solid ground. The ground can take us to all the places we could ever wish to see."

(Siren goes off)

Jiminy Cricket's Driver: "That's an emergency."

Narrator: "Called Jiminy's driver."

Jiminy Cricket's Driver: "I'll check with the Harbor Master."

Narrator: "He returned with bad news."

Jiminy Cricket's Driver: "A man taking part in the Regatta has hurt his hand. We're to take him to the hospital at the next station. Owl's bringing him now. Come on!"

Owl: "Good to see you again, Jiminy."

Narrator: "Whirred Owl, as he landed carefully on the platform. The man was gently helped to safety."

Owl: "My job is to stay at sea in case of other emergencies. Otherwise I would take this gentleman to a hospital myself. Must fly, goodbye."

Narrator: "Jiminy set off on his journey. Soon, he was steaming well, and his feet were thundering along the ground.

When they reached the station, the man thanked everyone, and Tod got ready to take him to the hospital."

Tod: "You look splendid flying along the line, Jiminy."

Narrator: "Glowed Tod."

Tod: "No wonder they call you 'Official conscience'."

Jiminy Cricket: "Piglet's right."

Narrator: "Jiminy thought to himself."

Jiminy Cricket: "Crickets are happiest when their feet are firmly on the ground."

Narrator: "That night, Piglet and Jiminy stayed a little longer at the key. The air was warm, and the sea calm."

Jiminy Cricket: "There's a shooting star!"

Narrator: "Said Jiminy."

Piglet: "Don't be daft."

Narrator: "Laughed Piglet."

Piglet: "It's Owl. Look, he's hovering overhead."

Narrator: "Something fluttered down towards Jiminy.

His driver caught it."

Jiminy Cricket's Driver: "It's a flag from the Regatta! Owl's giving it to you as a present, Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "That was kind of Owl."

Narrator: "Whispered Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "He may have wings instead of cricket feet, but he seems to understand just what a cricket needs."

Narrator: "Jiminy still wonders about the lands beyond the horizon, but he enjoys being with friends most of all and I think he knows that sometimes, the best travels are those we can only dream about. Don't you?"

One Good Turn

Narrator: "Tweedledee and Tweedledum are the most mischievous Disney characters working on Mickey Mouse's land. They are kept busy pushing and pulling pirates up and down the road that runs from the china clay works to the harbor yard.

They like to have fun together and often play tricks and the workmen. But sometimes their teasing ways can get them into trouble.

One morning, Mickey came to see them."

Mickey Mouse: "Important goods have arrived in the big yard. Tweedledee and Tweedledum, I need you to help the other Disney characters."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "Oh, yes. Of course, sir."

Narrator: "Said the twins. They set off happily on their important mission

Mufasa was resting in the yards when suddenly he heard a pair of familiar whistles."

Mufasa: "Hmm."

Narrator: "Sighed Mufasa."

Mufasa: "Here comes trouble."

Tweedledee: "Mickey Mouse told us you were tired."

Narrator: "Teased Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "He asked us to take all your pirates for you."

Mufasa: "You two never stop, do you?"

Narrator: "Chuckled Mufasa."

Mufasa: "But I'm wise to your pranks, and we do need your help here."

Narrator: "The twins were soon busy pushing and pulling the pirates into place.

At last, the day's work was done.

The twins now became excited. They were going to use the turntable for the first time.

Tweedledee went first."

Tweedledee: "This is fun!"

Narrator: "He shrieked to Tweedledum. He didn't want to move off at all. The foreman stopped the turntable."

Foreman: "Please make way for the other characters!"

Narrator: "He ordered.

Tweedledee did so, but unfortunately, the foreman had accidentally stopped the turntable in the wrong place. Tweedledee was on the wrong road, and there was Tweedledum walking directly towards him. The characters came to a grinding halt.

They gazed grimly at each other."

Tweedledee: "I was here first!"

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee."

Tweedledum: "But you're in my way!"

Narrator: "Protested Tweedledum."

Tweedledee: "You'll have to back up again."

Tweedledee: " I won't!"

Tweedledum: "You will!"

Tweedledee: "I won't!"

Narrator: "Mickey Mouse came to stop the noise."

Mickey Mouse: "If you don't behave, I shall not allow you here again!"

Narrator: "The next day, Tweedledum was still grumpy."

Tweedledum: "That Tweedledee! Imagine getting in my way on the turntable. He's a really silly character!"

Mufasa: "The way I heard it,"

Narrator: "Sighed Mufasa."

Mufasa: "It sounded like you were both to blame!"

Tweedledum: "Pooh! You must have heard it all wrong!"

Narrator: "The twins grumbled about each other all day.

Even kind Hercules lost patience."

Hercules: "All this grumbling spreads bad atmosphere in the yard."

Mufasa: "You're quite right. And that's why I've come up with a plan."

Narrator: "Mufasa whispered his plan to Hercules.

Then his driver told Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "I'll start making arrangements right away."

Narrator: "The next morning, he called Tweedledee and Tweedledum into the yard."

Mickey Mouse: "Mufasa is taking a special load to the harbor. His regular heavy goods is waiting on the siding. You can take it together."

Tweedledum: "But..."

Tweedledee: "But..."

Narrator: "Protested Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who were still not speaking to each other."

Mickey Mouse: "Good! I knew I could rely on you two."

Tweedledum: "I'll take the goods myself."

Narrator: "Huffed Tweedledum."

Tweedledee: "Go right ahead."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee.

Tweedledum was attracted to the goods, but it was too heavy for him to move alone."

Tweedledee: "Go on!"

Narrator: "Teased Tweedledee!"

Tweedledum: "I can't!"

Narrator: "Said Tweedledum.

Then suddenly, both twins laughed."

Tweedledee: "I don't think we'll take turns this time, Tweedledum."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "I think we better pull together."

Narrator: "Tweedledum was delighted. It was good to be helping each other.

Best of all, it was good to be friends again."

Big Disney Characters

Narrator: "One morning, Sir Ector was in the yard eating a large meal."

Donald Duck: "That's the third meal you've had today, Sir Ector."

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Donald Duck: "Some might say you're being rather greedy."

Sir Ector: "I'm an important man."

Narrator: "Replied Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "Important men need plenty of food, but I doubt that you would understand that, Donald."

Narrator: "Donald snorted and went about his work.

Later, Sir Ector was taking on water from a standpipe because the water fountain was under repair."

Jiminy Cricket: "I wouldn't drink too much of that water if I were you, Sir Ector. It might give you a stomach ache."

Sir Ector: "Pah!"

Narrator: "Said Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "What's this? Educating Sir Ector Day? First Donald, now you, Jiminy. Big Disney Characters have needs! Little Disney Characters are just annoying!"

Jiminy Cricket: "Don't say I didn't warn you."

Narrator: "Laughed Jiminy.

Later, Sir Ector came into the yard at the big station."

Sir Ector: "That's what I need."

Narrator: "Exclaimed Sir Ector. There, emerging out of the sheds, were two shiny carts."

Sir Ector: "Now if I had two carts of food,"

Narrator: "Said Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "I wouldn't need to stop so often, and I wouldn't have to listen to silly, little Disney Characters."

Sir Ector's Driver: "Those carts belong to a visitor."

Narrator: "Replied his driver. Captain Hook sidled up alongside."

Captain Hook: "Everyone knows that carts are a mark of distinction, but I'm afraid that no amount of carts will save you in the end. We captains are taking over, and we don't need carts of food to make us important. Not even one."

Narrator: "Sir Ector was most upset. He was feeling just the same next day."

Sir Ector: "I'm not happy."

Jiminy Cricket: "I know."

Narrator: "Said Jiminy brightly."

Jiminy Cricket: "It's stomach ache."

Sir Ector: "It's not stomach ache."

Narrator: "Protested Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "It's,"

Baloo: "Of course, it is."

Narrator: "Interrupted Baloo."

Baloo: "That water's bad. Your body must be full of sludge. Have a good wash out, then you'll feel a different man."

Sir Ector: "Don't be vulgar!"

Narrator: "Huffed Sir Ector. He backed down onto his line of flowers hissing mournfully."

Mickey Mouse: "Cheer up, Sir Ector."

Narrator: "Said Mickey Mouse."

Sir Ector: "I can't, sir. Is it true what Captain Hook said, sir?"

Mickey Mouse: "What does he say?"

Sir Ector: "That captains are taking over."

Mickey Mouse: "Don't worry, Sir Ector. That will never happen on my land."

Sir Ector: "And one more thing, sir. Why did the visitor had two carts of food?"

Mickey Mouse: "Because he lives on a land with long distances between food areas."

Narrator: "Sir Ector felt better.

But Baloo started complaining. He banged some monkeys angrily."

Baloo: "I always work hard enough for two!"

Narrator: "He puffed."

Baloo: "I deserve another cart."

Narrator: "Jiminy whispered something to Raccoon Twin #1. He was going to play a trick on Baloo."

Jiminy Cricket: "Baloo,"

Narrator: "He asked innocently."

Jiminy Cricket: "Would you like my carts?"

Baloo: "Yours? What have you got to do with carts?"

Jiminy Cricket: "All right."

Narrator: "Said Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "The deal's off. Would you like them, Raccoon Twin #1?"

Raccoon Twin #1: "I wouldn't deprive you of the honor."

Narrator: "Replied Raccoon Twin #1."

Jiminy Cricket: "It is a great honor."

Narrator: "Continued Jiminy thoughtfully."

Jiminy Cricket: "But I'm only a cricket. Perhaps Donald might..."

Baloo: "I'm sorry I was rude."

Narrator: "Said Baloo hastily."

Baloo: "How many carts have you? And when can I have them?"

Jiminy Cricket: "Ah, hmm. I have six, and you can have them this evening."

Baloo: "Six lovely carts!"

Narrator: "Chortled Baloo."

Baloo: "What a splendid sight I'll be."

Narrator: "Baloo was excited all day."

Baloo: "Do you think it'll be alright?"

Narrator: "He asked for the umpteenth time."

Jiminy Cricket: "Of course."

Narrator: "Said Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "They're already now."

Narrator: "The other Disney Characters waited where they can each get a good view.

But Baloo wasn't a splendid sight at all. His six carts were very old, dirty and filled with sludge."

Voice: "Have a good wash out, Baloo?"

Narrator: "Called a voice."

Voice: "That's right! You'll feel a different bear now."

Narrator: "Baloo was not sure, but he thought the voice belonged to Sir Ector."


Narrator: "One day, Hercules was talking to Copper when Raccoon Twin #2 steamed by. He was working with some pirates."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Come on, Hercules! Stop gossiping in the sun when there's work to be done."

Narrator: "Later, Hercules spoke to Raccoon Twin #2."

Hercules: "Copper and I are old friends, and you and he have a lot in common too."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Arch aye."

Narrator: "Quizzed Raccoon Twin #2."

Raccoon Twin #2: "And what would that be?"

Hercules: "Death."

Narrator: "Said Hercules quietly. Raccoon Twin #2 gasped."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Don't mention that word! It makes my legs wobble!"

Hercules: "It does the same to Copper."

Narrator: "Said Hercules."

Hercules: "He was being sent to the scrapyard, but Grimsby and I saved him and now he's really useful again. Even so, Mickey Mouse certainly does need another Disney Character here."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Aye, and quickly."

Narrator: "Sighed Raccoon Twin #2.

That night, Raccoon Twin #2 was still working. He had taken the midnight goods load to a station at a faraway part of Disneyland where only the villains worked. He was just shunting, ready for his return journey, when..."

Raccoon Twin #2: "That sounds like a boy."

Narrator: "He thought. The hiss came again."

Raccoon Twin #2: "Who's there?"

Narrator: "Asked Raccoon Twin #2. A whisper came."

Peter Pant: "Are you a Mickey Mouse's Disney Character?"

Raccoon Twin #2: "Aye, and proud of it."

Peter Pan: "Thank goodness. I'm Peter Pan, and I'm with my toad, Mr. Toad. We've run out of stamina, and have no more strength."

Raccoon Twin #2: "But what are you doing?"

Peter Pan: "Escaping."

Raccoon Twin #2: "From what?"

Peter Pant: "Death."

Narrator: "Raccoon Twin #2 shivered. Then, he remembered Hercules' story about saving Copper."

Raccoon Twin #2: "I'll be glad to help you. It'll have look though that you're ready for death and I'm taking you away."

Narrator: "Their drivers and firemen agreed to help too. Everyone worked fast."

Raccoon Twin #2: "No time to turn around."

Narrator: "Panted Raccoon Twin #2."

Raccoon Twin #2: "I'll walk backwards. Come on."

Narrator: "But before they could clear the station, they were stopped."

Mr. Dawes Sr.: "Aha!"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Mr. Dawes Sr."

Mr. Dawes Sr.: "A boy, and a toad too. You can't take these."

Raccoon Twin #2's Driver: "Arch, but they're all for us."

Narrator: "Said Raccoon Twin #2's Driver."

Raccoon Twin #2's Driver: "See for yourself."

Narrator: "Mr. Dawes Sr. looked all over Peter Pan."

Mr. Dawes Sr.: "Seems in order. Right away, guard."

Raccoon Twin #2: "That was a near thing."

Narrator: "Puffed Raccoon Twin #2."

Peter Pan: "We've had worst."

Narrator: "Replied Peter Pan, and they forged ahead.

It was daylight when their journey ended."

Raccoon Twin #2: "We're home!"

Narrator: "Cried Raccoon Twin #2."

Raccoon Twin #2's Driver: "Shhh!"

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Raccoon Twin #2's Driver: "There are the works. We'll find a place for Peter Pan."

Narrator: "Peter Pan said,

Peter Pan: "Goodbye, and thank you."

Narrator: "And Raccoon Twin #2 puffed away."

The next day, Raccoon Twin #2 told the other Disney Characters all about Peter Pan."

Donald Duck: "Mickey will have to know."

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Sir Ector: "Raccoon Twin #2 should tell him at once."

Narrator: "Added Sir Ector."

Mickey Mouse: "Well, here he is."

Narrator: "Said a voice."

Mickey Mouse: "Now, what's this all about?"

Jiminy Cricket: "Beg pardon, sir, but we do need another Disney Character."

Sir Ector: "Yes, sir."

Narrator: "Ventured Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "A human, sir."

Mickey Mouse: "I'm afraid that unless one is saved from death, there's little hope."

Raccoon Twin #2: "But sir,"

Narrator: "Burst out Raccoon Twin #2."

Raccoon Twin #2: "One has."

Mickey Mouse: "Yes indeed. And thanks to you, Raccoon Twin #2, he is now at our works. Peter Pan is just what we need for Jiminy's route."

Narrator: "Everyone cheered.

Now Peter Pan and Mr. Toad are mended and given new coats. Jiminy and Peter Pan are happy on their route. The others laughed at first and called it "The Little Disney Character". Jiminy and Peter Pan were delighted, and so the Little Disney Character it will always be."

Peter Pan Owns Up

Narrator: "On a clear day when the sky is blue and there is just enough breeze to blow the clouds away, you can stand on a big hill above the valley and watch Jiminy and Peter Pan far below, busily at work on Jiminy's route near the sea. The two Disney Characters are very proud of their gleaming colors. Peter Pan often talks about the time that Raccoon Twin #2 saved him from death."

Peter Pan: "If it wasn't for his help,"

Narrator: "Peter Pan would say."

Peter Pan: "I might have been caught when I ran away from the scrapyard, and I would never have come to live here on Mickey Mouse's land."

Narrator: "The other Disney Characters all wanted to know about Peter Pan adventures."

Baloo: "Amazing!"

Narrator: "Remarked Baloo."

Donald Duck: "Peter Pan,"

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Donald Duck: "has resource."

Sir Ector: "And sagacity."

Narrator: "Put in Sir Ector."

Piglet: "What does that mean?"

Narrator: "Whispered Piglet."

Pongo: "I think,"

Narrator: "Replied Pongo."

Pongo: "it's about being clever and wise."

Sir Ector: "He is,"

Narrator: "Finished Sir Ector."

Sir Ector: "an example to us all."

Narrator: "I'm sorry to say that Peter Pan became very puffed up in his head."

Peter Pan: "Baloo says I'm amazing. He's right."

Narrator: "He said as he swooshed along the path.

One day, Mickey came to see him."

Mickey Mouse: "You are doing well. Now, you must learn how to look after pirates."

Narrator: "Every wise Disney Character knows that you cannot trust pirates. The other Disney Characters warned Peter Pan, but he took no notice."

Peter Pan: "You think I can't manage!"

Narrator: "He said huffley."

Peter Pan: "Sir Ector knows better. He says I'm sagacious."

Jiminy Cricket: "You maybe good gracious or whatever you call it, but pirates can be troublesome and,"

Raccoon Twin #1: "Say no more, Jiminy."

Narrator: "Interrupted Raccoon Twin #1."

Raccoon Twin #1: "It maybe a pity. But the wee boy will just have to learn it for himself."

Narrator: "Peter Pan pulled some loaded pirates into a siding and pushed the empties into the chute.

Then he came back to take the loaded pirates away. They were comfortable and didn't want to move."

Pirates: "What right has he to poke his head in here?"

Narrator: "They grumbled."

Pirates: "We want Jiminy!

Or the Raccoon Twins!"

Peter Pan: "Look Sharp!"

Narrator: "Huffed Peter Pan."

Pirates: "That's not the way to speak."

Narrator: "Hissed the pirates."

Pirates: "We'll pay him out."

Narrator: "Peter Pan heard nothing. The pirates moved smoothly at first, then suddenly, Peter Pan felt them push forward.

His driver applied the brakes, but they were useless against the surging pirates."

Pirates: "On! On! On!"

Narrator: "Yelled the pirates. Peter Pan forged hard. But still they forced him on and on.

At last, the pirates grew tired."

Peter Pan: "I'm winning."

Narrator: "Gasped Peter Pan. But it was too late.


Peter Pan layed bruised and benuised, bunkered down in the turntable well. Jiminy survaved the damaged."

Jiminy Cricket: "Hello, Peter Pan. Are you being a good gracious boy? Beg pardon, of course, but we really don't like this sort of surprise. The Raccoon Twins will miss their turntable until it's mended."

Narrator: "That evening, Peter Pan was hauled gently to safety."

Peter Pan: "I'm sorry, sir."

Narrator: "He said to Mickey."

Peter Pan: "I should've listen to Jiminy's advice. I don't feel good gracious or whatever it is. I just feel silly."

Mickey Mouse: "Well Peter Pan,"

Narrator: "Replied Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "Now you know the damage pirates can do."

Peter Pan: "Yes I do, sir."

Narrator: "Groaned Peter Pan."

Peter Pan: "I look like a load of scrap iron."

Mickey Mouse: "Ho, ho! Oh, I don't think so."

Narrator: "Laughed Mickey."

Mickey Mouse: "But you do need to go to the Hospital to be healed."

Narrator: "The other Disney Characters now felt sorry for Peter Pan."

Jiminy Cricket: "The route won't be the same without you."

Narrator: "Whistled Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "Come back soon."

Narrator: "A few days later, Peter Pan did come back. His clothes gleemed brighter than ever. He was a wiser boy too, and never made a mistake about pirates again."


Narrator: "It was a special holiday in Disneyland. Tod the Fox was working harder than ever before.

All the Disney Characters were busy too.

Jiminy was waiting for his next journey. Near him stood a lion, but he didn't look friendly like Tod. The lion growled as he gazed at the happy passengers."

Scar: "Stupid nonsense."

Narrator: "He grumbled."

Scar: "I wouldn't have brought them if I'd known. I'd have had a breakdown or something."

Jiminy Cricket: "I'm glad you didn't."

Narrator: "Smiled Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "You'd have spoiled their fun."

Scar: "Bah! Enjoyment is all you Disney Characters live for. One day, Disneyland will be ripped up!"

Narrator: "Jiminy felt shocked at such an idea."

Jiminy Cricket: "We have a friend called Tod, and he's a fox, but he likes Disneyland. Sometimes he teases us about it, but he'd never want to see it ripped up."

Scar: "Heh!"

Narrator: "Growled the lion."

Scar: "I know Tod. He's too small in size to be of any use."

Narrator: "Jiminy took no notice."

Jiminy Cricket: "That lion is silly."

Narrator: "He thought, as he steamed away.

At the junction, Jiminy told Peter Pan all about him."

Peter Pan: "I call him Scar!"

Narrator: "Chuckled Peter Pan, and then he puffed happily away.

But that afternoon, when the two Disney Characters met again, Peter Pan was no longer laughing."

Peter Pan: "Scar's friend has come."

Narrator: "He said."

Peter Pan: "He's rude, too! He's taking Scar's passengers home, so as to leave Scar free to steal ours."

Jiminy Cricket: "But he can't!"

Narrator: "Objected Jiminy."

Peter Pan: "Scar says he can get them to the big station before us."

Jiminy Cricket: "Rubbish!"

Narrator: "Replied Jiminy."

Jiminy Cricket: "It's much further by road."

Peter Pan: "Yes,"

Narrator: "Continued Peter Pan."

Peter Pan: "But Scar says he knows a shortcut!"

Narrator: "That evening, the Disney Characters were preparing for the homeward rush."

Jiminy Cricket: "Where are the passengers?"

Narrator: "They wondered."

Peter Pan: "Look!"

Narrator: "Shrilled Peter Pan."

Peter Pan: "Look at Scar! He's a mean, scarlet deciever!"

Narrator: "Scar was wearing a large sign saying 'Disneyland Lion'."

Scar: "Yeah, boo, snubs!"

Narrator: "He jeered, as he roared away."

Jiminy Cricket: "Come on,"

Narrator: "Puffed Jiminy to his flowers,"

Jiminy Cricket: "Let's see what he's up to!"

Narrator: "Jiminy wanted to pay Scar out, but he wasn't sure how.

Then, in the distance, Jiminy saw a man waving a red flag. That meant 'Danger'.

The line here crosses a narrow road, and there was Scar, wedged firmly under the bridge."

Jiminy Cricket: "So this was his shortcut."

Narrator: "Chuckled Jiminy."

Passengers: "He tricked us!"

Narrator: "Shouted Scart's passengers."

Passengers: "He said he was a Disneyland lion, but he wouldn't accept our return tickets! He wanted us to think Disneyland was no good!"

Narrator: "Jiminy's crew examined the bridge."

Jiminy Cricket's Driver: "It's risky, but we must help the passengers."

Jiminy Cricket: "Passengers are urgent."

Narrator: "Agreed Jiminy. Jiminy slowly and carefully set off across the bridge. Scar wailed as he felt the bridge quiver."

Scar: "Stop!"

Narrator: "He shouted."

Scar: "It might fall on me!"

Jiminy Cricket: "That would serve you right for telling lies."

Narrator: "Said Jiminy, but the bridge didn't collapse.

Jiminy made good time, and all the passengers caught their rides.

The bridge is now mended, but not unfortunately, Scar and his ways. He never learned sense. He's a henhouse now, and his lies can do no harm. The hens never listen to them anyway."


Narrator: "One morning, Tweedledee and Tweedledum were busy at the quarry, pushing and pulling pirates into their proper places. The twins are cheeky and love playing tricks, but they were growing restless."

Tweedledum: "Listen, Tweedledee."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledum."

Tweedledum: "Can you hear something?"

Tweedledee: "What sort of something?"

Narrator: "Asked Tweedledee."

Tweedledum: "Something different."

Narrator: "Replied Tweedledum."

Tweedledee: "I can't hear anything different."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee."

Tweedledum: "Exactly."

Narrator: "Huffed Tweedledum."

Tweedledum: "Everything is the same, sounds the same, looks the same. What we need is a surprise."

Tweedledee: "Surprise what?"

Narrator: "Asked Tweedledee. Before Tweedledum could answer, Professor Knight arrived."

Professor Knight: "I have just received a message from Mickey Mouse. He wants you to go to the station at the harbor."

Tweedledee: "I wonder what we've done wrong this time."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee anxiously."

Tweedledum: "It must be you."

Narrator: "Replied Tweedledum."

Tweedledee: "Why me?"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "I've not done anything."

Narrator: "Mickey was waiting for them."

Mickey Mouse: "Hercules is taking the children on a special trip today. I want you to go to the station and look after pirates there."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "We'll do our best, sir."

Narrator: "Said the twins.

Sir Ector spoke severely to them."

Sir Ector: "You must behave here. You're on the main road now."

Tweedledum: "Actually, Sir Ector."

Narrator: "Giggled Tweedledum."

Tweedledum: "When we saw you, we thought this was the scrapyard."

Narrator: "Sir Ector was cross."

Sir Ector: "Just make sure that my flowers are ready for my evening run."

Narrator: "And he fumed away."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "This is easy."

Narrator: "They said to each other."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "We know all about pirates."

Narrator: "But I'm afraid they didn't."

Pirates: "No need for that."

Narrator: "Shouted the pirates, as the twins pushed them into place."

Pirates: "We'll show you around. We want to help."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "Thank you very much."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee and Tweedledum. The pirates giggled and began their tricks.

Evening came. The yard was in a dreadful muddle. The twins had let the pirates tell them were to put things.

Sir Ector and the passengers waited impatiently outside the station while Tweedledee and Tweedledum tried to sort things out.

But by the time Sir Ector was ready to leave, it was very late, indeed.

Next day, the twins were working in the quarry again."

(Rocks start falling)

Tweedledee: "That's a strange noise."

Narrator: "Gasped Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "I've never heard a noise like that before."

Tweedledee's Driver: "I have."

Narrator: "Whispered his driver nervously."

Tweedledee's Driver: "It sounds like a rock slide to me."

Narrator: "Then came the alarm."

Professor Knight: "Danger! Clear the quarry!"

Narrator: "Shouted Professor Knight. Workmen scrambled to the pirates."

Tweedledee and Tweedledum: "Thank goodness we're here."

Narrator: "Said the twins.

They were just puffing out of the quarry when,"

Workman: "Help! Wait for me!"

Narrator: "A workman had been left behind. Tweedledum waited as the man climbed quickly on the pirates.

The twins left the quarry just in time.

(Rock slide continues)

Everyone was safe, but rubble lay all around."

Tweedledee: "Oh dear!"

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "This wasn't our fault. I hope Mickey Mouse will understand."

Narrator: "And indeed, he did. The next day, he arrived with Hercules."

Mickey Mouse: "Tweedledee and Tweedledum, you still have a lot to learn about pirates, don't you? But you acted quickly and bravely in an emergency. So three cheers for Tweedledee and Tweedledum, our heroes!"

Mickey Mouse and Workmen: "Hip, hip, hooray, hooray, hooray!"

Tweedledee: "Oh thank you, sir."

Narrator: "Said Tweedledee."

Tweedledee: "Being called heroes, well, it's, it's,"

Tweedledum: "It's a very nice surprise."

Narrator: "Laughed Tweedledum."

Piglet, Donald and the Fruitful Day

Narrator: "It was a splendid morning in Disneyland.

Donald Duck was feeling very pleased with himself. His white feathers gleamed in the sunshine as he sped along the road. He reached the junction just as Piglet puffed in with some pirates. Donald was surprised to see him.

Donald Duck: "What are you doing here, Piglet? You should be at the next station by now. You're late."

Piglet: "I know."

Narrator: "Sighed Piglet."

Piglet: "These pirates have been troublesome all morning."

Donald Duck: "That's no excuse, Piglet."

Narrator: "Snorted Donald."

Donald Duck: "Nothing should stop us. Mickey Mouse relies on us to be on time. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way."

Narrator: "And Donald puffed importantly away."

Piglet: "Bossy beak!"

Narrator: "Muttered Piglet.

Donald arrived at the harbour. It was market day. The harbour yard was filled with the sweet smell of fruit from faraway lands. The fruit was delivered in big ships. Donald watched the strawberries, oranges, melons, and bananas were carefully given to his pirates. Then he set off to the station on the main road.

On the way, he met Pongo."

Donald Duck: "Really reliable, that's me!"

Narrator: "Panted Donald proudly."

Donald Duck: "Pity the same can't be said for Piglet. Quack, quack! Goodbye!"

Abigail and Amelia: "What was that about?"

Narrator: "Gasped Abigail and Amelia."

Pongo: "That was trouble. Trouble for Donald. Just wait and see."

Narrator: "Piglet was back in the yard, and busy arranging things. He had the pirates in good order, and was making up for lost time.

But the stationmaster had bad news.

Piglet's Driver: "What's happened?"

Narrator: "Asked Piglet's Driver."

Stationmaster: "Donald's feet have jammed. We need Piglet's help right away."

Narrator: "Piglet quickly set off to the rescue.

He found Donald stuck on the road, and looking glum. Piglet couldn't help laughing."

Piglet: "Got yourself in a jam, eh, Donald? What you might call a sticky situation?"

Donald Duck: "Be quiet!"

Narrator: "Said Donald."

Donald Duck: "It's not funny having jammed feet."

Piglet: "And not very reliable, either."

Narrator: "Teased Piglet."

Piglet: "I am surprised you let it happen, Donald. Nothing should stop us Disney Characters."

Piglet's Driver: "That's enough, Piglet."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Piglet's Driver: "Can you push these pirates?"

Piglet: "Of course I can."

Narrator: "Grunted Piglet."

Piglet: "There is no time to lose. Donald's done too much of that already."

Narrator: "Donald angrily hissed steam as Piglet was coupled to the pirates."

Piglet: "Off we go!"

Narrator: "Said Piglet."

Piglet: "I'll have to go fast to get there in time. These big Disney Characters are so unreliable."

Piglet's Driver: "Be careful, Piglet."

Narrator: "Called his driver, but Piglet was in a hurry.

He didn't see that the sign had failed, and that he had been diverted into a siding.

Piglet's Driver: "Look out, Piglet!"

Narrator: "Shouted his driver, and applied the brakes, but it was too late!


The driver and fireman had jumped clear, but squashed fruit squirted all over Piglet.

Mickey Mouse arrived."

Mickey Mouse: "Piglet, you are not to blame for the sign failure, but I do not run a jam factory!"

Piglet: "Yes sir, no sir!"

Narrator: "And Piglet squelched sadly away.

That night, the house was silent. Donald and Piglet felt very sorry for themselves. At last, Pongo spoke."

Pongo: "You know,"

Narrator: "He said to no one in particular,"

Pongo: "There's more than one way to get jammed. We all learned that today."

Narrator: "Still, there was silence."

Pongo: "What's more."

Narrator: "Continued Pongo."

Pongo: "We also learned that sometimes when Disney Characters help each other out of a..'jam', things can still go wrong.

Narrator: "'So?', said a voice."

Pongo: "So."

Narrator: "Finished Pongo."

Pongo: "That means we learned a lot today. And there for..."

Narrator: "Then came a chorus."

Other Disney Characters: "We're really useful Disney Characters after all!"

Pongo and Piglet's Christmas Adventure

Narrator: "If someday you should see Pongo puffing happily along the path, he may be on his way to a village nestled deep in the heart of Disneyland.

One December morning, Pongo called to all his friends."

Pongo: "It's nearly Christmas, and I'll bring you lots of letters and parcels."

Narrator: "But a week later, the storms came.

Disneyland was covered in thick snow. The Disney characters found work difficult. Some had to help clear snow from the roads, and workmen hacked away at the frozen banks of ice.

Pongo and Piglet were collecting important post for Christmas."

Pongo: "Driver says there's lots of post for the village."

Narrator: "Said Pongo."

Pongo: "I'll need an extra pirate for it all."

Narrator: "Piglet was feeling left out."

Piglet: "It's not fair. You're not leaving any post for me."

Narrator: "But Piglet's chance had come."

Pongo's Driver: "There's been a change of plans."

Narrator: "Said Pongo's driver."

Pongo's Driver: "Mickey Mouse needs us at the big station. Piglet, you are to take Pongo's load to the village."

Narrator: "Piglet was delighted, but Pongo was sad."

Pongo: "I won't be able to say Happy Christmas to all my friends."

Piglet: "Don't worry."

Narrator: "Said Piglet kindly."

Piglet: "I'll do it for you."

Pongo: "It's not the same."

Narrator: "Sighed Pongo.

Piglet was making good time on his way to the village when suddenly,"

Piglet's Driver: "What's that?"

Narrator: "Called his driver. There ahead was a fogman by the path. He was holding a red light."

Fogman: "The village is cut off by snow."

Narrator: "He shouted."

Fogman: "We need shovels, workmen and an owl. Leave your pirates in the siding, and go back quickly."

Narrator: "Piglet was soon hurrying to Owl's home."

Piglet: "Wake up, lazywings! The mountain villagers need your help. They're stranded."

Owl: "Whizzo!"

Narrator: "Replied Owl."

Owl: "I like an emergency to keep me warm."

Narrator: "And he buzzed away."

Piglet: "Now."

Narrator: "Sighed Piglet."

Piglet: "What's next?"

Narrator: "Suddenly, there was Pongo with Sebastian the Crab and the works trailer."

Pongo: "Come on, Piglet."

Narrator: "Whistled Pongo."

Pongo: "Follow me."

Narrator: "The two Disney characters battled their way through the snow.

At last, they reached the village. Owl was already there busily dropping food for people and animals.

Sebastian quickly got to work."

Sebastian: "Lovely stuff!"

Narrator: "He said, as he pushed the snow aside."

Villagers: "Well done, Piglet! Well done, Pongo!"

Narrator: "Cheered the villagers."

Villagers: "You're the best Santa Claus this village has ever had!"

Piglet: "What's a Santa Claus?"

Narrator: "Asked Piglet."

Pongo: "Santa Claus is someone who drops presents down chimneys at Christmas time."

Narrator: "Piglet looked at his head."

Piglet: "I wonder if,"

Pongo: "No!"

Narrator: "Laughed Pongo"

Pongo: "Chimneys, Piglet, not heads! Which reminds me, your post is still back at the siding, isn't it?"

Narrator: "Piglet hurried back to fetch it.

Just then, Friar Tuck arrived with Jasmine."

Friar Tuck: "We've brought lots of hot drinks and food for the villagers."

Narrator: "He whistled.

That night, all the Disney characters went back to the house, except Friar Tuck. The villagers had made a plan to thank the Disney characters. They gave Jasmine paint pots and parcels, then they set off through the moonlit countryside.

All the Disney characters were fast asleep in the house as Friar Tuck ran silently into the yard. He had no idea what the villagers were going to do, but he knew it was going to be a big surprise.

When the Disney characters woke the next morning, they could not believe their eyes. The house had been repainted and decorated. Parcels lay everywhere. The Disney characters cheered in delight, and everyone agreed that it was a really happy Christmas."

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