Escape from Toyland (Dutch title Ontsnap uit Speelgoedland, same meaning) is a 2013 Flash-animated Dutch film produced in the Neatherlands and the first ever recent animated feature in the Neatherlands since The Dragon That Weasen't (Or Was He?) in 1983. This film is based on the Flash side-scrolling Dutch game of the same name created by, but features more of a twist than the spot.


Two children: a boy named Jongen and a girl named Meijie (names mean Boy and Girl in Dutch) enter a haunted house where they clicked on a program at an old computer which takes them to Toyland, a mystical place in habited by fierce creatures, but what they realize is that they are being under attack.


  • Andrew Rannells as George Jongen: A 12-year old Dutch boy from the Neatherlands who entered the haunted house and is revealed to be the prince of Toyland. His last name means boy in Dutch. He is the oldest fraternal twin.
  • Veronica Taylor as Mandy Meijie: A 12-year old Dutch girl from the Neatherlands who entered the haunted house and is revealed to be the princess of Toyland. Her last name means girl in Dutch.
  • Scottie Ray as Phantom Virus: A blind samurai wizard who became a phantom computer virus and has corrupted Toyland and transformed three human archeologiests into demons. He can only be stopped if someone activates the reboot process in the computer at the end of the world.
  • Dan Green as Beta Schtroumph: A Smurf (possibly Grouchy Smurf) who loves agression and has superior intellect but is physically weak. He used to be a Icelandic philosopher named Guðmundur Oflasson who opened the mysterious book of the Blind Samurai Wizard turning into a Smurf causing him to lose his strength.
  • Wayne Grayson as Tinkerton: A Teletubby based on Tinky Winky who is very stupid but exremly strong and is a hard case always chasing after people for no appearent reason. He used to be a Quebocios-Dutch scientist named Odbald Roffasson who opned the mysterious book of the Blind Samurai Wizard turning into Tinky Winky causing him to lose his brains.
  • Jason Griffith as Jackyll: A jester who has the ability to clone himself, wields chainsaws and axes, and is criminally insane wishing to kill the person. Out of the virus, he is one of the hardest to beat. He used to be a Danish archeologist named Olaf Magnuson who opened the mysterious book of the Blind Samurai Wizard turning him into an elvish-jester causing him to lose his sanity.
  • Rebecca Soler as Suzy: A shapeshifting doll with magical abilities. She is the master of the Wayback, being able to change ages similar to Clockwork from Danny Phantom and Koenma from Yu Yu Hakusho. At her baby form, she wears a visible diaper, pink overalls, buns in her hair, sucks on a blue pacifier (does not speak) and plays paddlebal but communicates telepathicallyl. In her adult form, she wears a bunny suit with long hair and has tap dancing shoes with a crown. In her old form, she has long ear hairs, has no teeth, only has one eye and loses her stability. Her true form is a glowing light with a mystical orb that speaks. She was the reboot of the virus.
  • Johnny Castro as Tumble: An overweighted bear who guards the panel to the last step of Toyland. Whenever he stomps, balls fall out from the sky. Unfotunatley, he cannot control the direction but his target can so if the target walks back, the closer it goes to Tumble.
  • Bradford Cameron as Puzzler: A deadpan green puzzle who's people roams arolund the last step of Toyland trying to guard the enterance. They are the ones that build the Lego surfaces. They were originally pink pieces until the virus corrupted them.
  • Tony Salerno as Speed Eraser: A racer that drives a mini go cart that would kill any one that crosses it's path. He speaks in a high pitched dialogue because his appearance, voice and mannerism are based on the 1960's old-anime cartoon character, Speed Racer. His car is also named the Mach 2 after the #2 Pencil.


A sequel is in the works with Video Broquindo, a mockbuster animation studio, directing and animating the cartoon but produced with Dutch animators and it involves the two kids in the digital world.

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