Twilight Escorien is a graduate of the Academy of Magic

Twilight's Academy Arrival

Twilight arrived at the Academy at the age of thirteen, shortly after elementary school graduation.He discovered his magical powers inadvertently after a near death incident with another mage. Shortly afterwards, he came to the Academy of Magic. He came from the plane of Arkaria, a plane in natural disaster and very barren.

Twilight's Time at the Academy

Twilight began as a student in blue magic, but shortly afterwards began study in the black arts. He ascended in the Academy ranks through a combination of careful studies and occasional dueling. After he graduated shortly after his once-friend Yoketa, he began the study of white magic, and is enjoying it very much.

After Graduation

Even after his graduation, Twilight spends most of his time at the academy, taking care of his little sister, Ikari Twilight and teaching her some magic occasionally. He has not mastered his studies entriely, but is currently at the rank of Master Sage.

Later on, after his graduation, his friendship with Yoketa became very distant. On ther other hand, he made new friends with Damien Kage, Chris Tirpak, and Kelly.

Twilight's Transformations

Twilight has had the power to transform into various forms over his time at the academy. Currently, he cannot transform into anything. Here is the full list of Transformations:

  • Mishei Form:Mishei was the spirit of Twilight's great grandmother, who once was housed in Twilight's body. At will, he could let Mishei take over his body, for greater mana control and wings.
  • Mana-Merged Form:In this form, Twilight let his own mana combine with Mishei's mana, giving him wings, and a set of eyes allowing him to interpret any spell cast at him and prepare a countermeasure. However, he lost the ability to allow Mishei to take over his body in the process.
  • Paragon Form:The most powerful of all him forms, this was aquired when Mishei was reincarnated. When Mishei's soul left Twilight's body, she left a fragment of her power in Twilight by accident. This power became the Paragon Form, but he lost the Mana Merged Form in the process. This form was only triggered by certain circumstances, like extreme rage of the death of a beloved one. It gave his gold a golden tint, and a lance and shield to use it with. However, he couldn't cast any spells while in this form.

Twilight's Abilities

Twilight once had a variety of abilities he could use. He currently has no abilities, rendering him a normal mage.Here was the full list of what he once could do.

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