• Narrator: A long time ago, in a land far far away, there lived a kind man named King Reuben.
  • King Reuben: There's this really neat girl that I really want to thank.
  • Narrator: He lives with his friends and family in London, England. And Charles is his right-hand-man.
  • Charles: All you men and women must come with me to become a new city owner.
  • London Citizen: No!!!!!!!!!
  • Narrator: In a land a little farther away, there lived a teenager rhubarb named Esther and her sister, Louise.
  • Louise: Charles sir, we' to fix the pipe that the bear crashed on.
  • King Reuben: You saved my life!
  • Narrator: Yes, King Reuben and Louise were good friends. They both get along well. When a small-town girl wakes up with the weight of the world, can she become a true city owner? Find out in Esther... The Girl Who Owned a City. Coming to DVD this summer!
  • Plumber: Is there an electrician in the house?

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