The Etanu are a small saurian species.

Physical appearance

The Etanu stood roughly 1.25 meters high, had pebbly green or blue skin, elongated necks, wide yellow eyes and a tapered head which sloped back on an incline.[1][4] The Etanu balanced their thin bodies on two three-toed feet, and had long, graceful three fingered hands.[4]

Wealthy Etanu aristocrats and trade negotiators often wore elevated footwear to appear taller when dealing with other species, in addition to the exotic robes and finery favored by most Etanu.[1]

Etanu developed at a reasonably standard rate. Considered younglings until around the age of ten, society regarded them as full adults by the age of fourteen. Etanu reaching around sixty standard years were considered old, while those living past the age of seventy-five were considered venerable.

Society and culture

Like most reptiles, Etanu young were hatched from eggs. Etanu mothers watched over the eggs more for the status than for any practical purpose. Because the species is so appearance driven, Etanu families would build nests of elegant warm fabrics and cushions to show off their young before they were even hatched. They would also throw elaborate parties for egg viewing where the eager parents would receive gifts from their friends and relatives. The higher the status of the parents, the larger the gifts. The party's were thrown late in the eggs' incubation period in the hope that the egg would hatch during the event.

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