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Etchiboy, as he was in World of Perversion

First appearanceDecember 10, 2005
Original AuthorOriginal character
Character Information
Status Active
English name Etchiboy
Spanish name Etchiboy
Japanese Name エッチボーイ
Real Name Norman Tyson
Birthdate June 6, 1986
Epithet "Delicious Flat Chest!"
Former Affiliations Humans Against Furries
Current Affiliations Five Heroes
Original World Naniyon
First Appearance Battle 36
Current Record 1 win, 2 loses, 2 ties
Weapons and Skills His weapon is a Toilet Brush, but he rarely uses it. He's often seen using his Perversion Powers, which allow him to minorly bend reality and thus bring the power of Hentai to his presence, and to harness it to attack the enemy. Perversion Powers can also be used for a variety of things, such as temporally make him faster and tougher. He also can't be poisoned, ever.

The Five Heroes

Daniel M. StarbrightDry-Mouth ManEtchiboyFanroicBeatriz Crewe

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