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Good concepts allow us to denaturalize the world, to turn our experience of the world from a tyranny into a space of potential liberation. This inspires us, fuels creativity, provokes us to experiment. Good philosophy helps us to recreate the world again and again, building new life and meaning from an apparently inanimate milieu.

To do this, we must begin to think based on provocation. We must lurch alongside the world and come to understand its dynamics, so that we can engage with it. We must take our situations and experiences as problems from which to draw out questions, programs of study and investigation, an array of possible answers to innovate and adjust.

Yet our schooling generally does not help us in this. Academic writing is geared towards professionals, and little is left to filter into general use. We make the test of our ideas the chalkboard, the conference, and the well-turned phrase. We hide our minds from the chaos of the lived world so that we may keep our ideas clear and manageable and simple and impotent. Outside of schooling, we are offered little true help in building ideas more powerful than our own fears or the inertia of our institutions, more powerful than our churches and schools and businesses and governments. This is dangerous territory, and the powerful of the world maintain their power in part by denying genuine free thought to those people that might disobey them. We have made philosophy and ideas petty tests meant to keep people away and make them low.

Knowledge can set us free, but only if it is the knowledge that allows us to imagine the world as it might be otherwise. Knowledge is liberating only if it lets us explode difference into the world, so that we might radicaly expand our options, so that we may find diverse ways of handling our problems. Through inventing difference with thought we throw off the dead weight of the past and make our history something vibrant and alive, something capable of generating new ways of being.

To this end, this wiki will encompass concepts, thinkers, and practices that allow us to engage more creatively with the world. To see new ambiguity, possibility, and difference in situations that we took to be stagnant and mundane. To breathe new life into the stale features of asociety run by television and corrupt businessmen.

This wiki is devoted to philosophies of change and becoming, and technologies (scientific and artistic) that resonate well with those philosophies.

Interested people may use it to research and engage with a subterranean current in Western thought and practice.


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