Version 1

  • Mr. Kevin as Marlin
  • Lucas as Nemo
  • Miss Jordan as Dory
  • Ethan as Gill
  • Jack as Bruce
  • Jack and Alfie (From Jack and the Pack) as Anchor and Chum
  • Xavier as Bloat
  • Chris as Bubbles
  • Steve/Ben as Jacques
  • Aryannah as Peach
  • Zach W as Gurgle
  • Miss Dawn as Deb/Flo
  • Max as Nigel
  • Mr. Bob as Crush
  • Beck/Noah as Squirt
  • Ben and Steve's Dad as Dentist
  • Miss Steph as Darla
  • Clara as Barabra
  • Scott as Blenny
  • Carousel as Anglerfish
  • Ben as Gerald
  • Miss Kathy as Pearl
  • Robbie as Sheldon
  • James (From TTTE) as Tad
  • Zach G as Bob
  • Rex as Ted
  • Mr. Vince as Bill
  • Cars as Pelicans, Seagulls, Jellyfish, and Sea turtles
  • Ethan's Mom as Coral

Version 2

  • Lucas as Marlin
  • Robbie as Nemo
  • Miss Jordan as Dory
  • Mr. Kevin as Gill
  • Ethan as Nigel

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