• Lucas as Woody
  • Robbie as Buzz
  • Mr. Kevin as Hamm
  • Ethan as Mr. Potato Head
  • Xavier as Rex
  • Chris as Slinky
  • Zach G as Bullseye
  • Miss Jordan as Jessie
  • Ben and Steve's Dad as Prospecter
  • Tyler as Al
  • Jack as Sid
  • Bard as Skud
  • Aryannah as Hannah
  • Max as Andy
  • Miss Dawn as Molly
  • Dita as Andy's Mom
  • Ethan's Mom as Bo Peep
  • Noah and Beck as Bo Peep's Sheep
  • Miss Kathy as Mrs. Patato Head
  • Zach W as Wheezy
  • Carousel as Zurg
  • Chad as Buster
  • Camden as Lotso
  • Mike as Ken
  • Clara as Barbie
  • Amber as Bonnie
  • Scott as Big Baby
  • Frank as Toy Monkey
  • Mad Hatter as Chunk
  • March Hare as Sparks
  • Squidward as Stretch
  • Patrick as Twitch
  • Spongebob as Chattering Telephone
  • And More

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