Season 1

  1. Grandma Goes Teacher/Dad First of Classroom
  2. Racing Along/The Orchestra Easter
  3. On your Marks Get Set Storytime/Collection Mail
  4. Test to See the Sound/Lacky Name
  5. Race Againest Time/All Trying Goes the Round
  6. Safari Adventure/The Forest Dark
  7. Christmas Wonderful/Big Brown Monster/Sled Effect
  8. Valentine's Day/the Jungle Paper
  9. The Weight and Balance/Family Back to Us
  10. Camping/Trip to the Zoo

Season 2

  1. Grandma Moo/Rest North Puppets
  2. The Money Count/The Cents Grocery
  3. One Two March to the Jungle/The City Playground
  4. Pretend House/Back to Work
  5. Mistakes will Happen/Barcut Buddies
  6. Superheroes/The Griffin Shirt
  7. Dog Pops/Fishwrath June 2007
  8. Nolan's Halloween Play/The Powerpuff Tabby
  9. Ethan Thankful/Roller Scared

Season 3

  1. Best Friend/Painting
  2. Tabby Loves Parents/Alarm Clock
  3. Big Mystery/Nolan's Friend
  4. Outer Space Brave Board Adventure
  5. Tabby and the Post Office/Monty and Billy
  6. Time Cousins/Tuna Goods
  7. Ethan School/Windy Castle
  8. Grandma Need a Friend/Daddy Town

Season 4

  1. The Office/Ethan Animals
  2. Nolan's Birthday/Balloon Ride
  3. Car Ride/Baby Chase
  4. Cody Snowy Day/Circus Day
  5. Nolan the Great/Tabby Springtime
  6. Grandpa Visit/Nolan's Travel
  7. Ethan Sneezes/Ethan and the Fireworks Display
  8. SchoolPlay/Nolan Brass Band

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