• Manny as Face
  • Mummy Pig as Clown
  • Mr. Grumpy as Astronaut
  • Bob the Tomato as Piece of Wood
  • Larry the Cucumber as Orange
  • Mr. Bump as Grape
  • Chuckie as Banana
  • Mr. Small as Really Small Mouth Voice
  • Buzz Lightyear as Open Mouth really Wide
  • Mr. Strong as Big Face
  • Marge as Little Face
  • Trix Rabbit as Paint Face
  • Squidward as Alligator
  • Oopsy Bear as Crocodile
  • Jimmy Gourd as Grilled Cheese
  • Diego as Happy Face
  • Homer as Sad Face
  • Dawa as Bounce Face
  • Harry as Laughing Face
  • Gill the Boy as Playalong Face
  • Grandpa Koala as Birthday Card
  • Suzy Sheep as Cupcake
  • Rebecca Rabbit as Present
  • Danny Dog as Party Hat
  • Fidgel/Zidgel/Gingerbread boy/Angelica/Rudy/Little Miss Naughty as Candles
  • Pinky as Burtha the Birthday Cake
  • Daniel Cook as Balloon
  • Herry the Monster as Caufiflower
  • Walden as Milk
  • Moose a Moose as Pepperoni Pizza
  • Scrambler as Mushroom Pizza
  • Dr. Brown Bear as Green Pepper Pizza
  • Patar as Saucage Pizza
  • Truffles as Broccoli Pizza
  • Uniqua as Blah blah blah blah
  • Godzilla as Lion Cracker
  • Bruce the Shark as Seal Cracker
  • Bert as Giraffe Cracker
  • Rosie from (Thomas and Friends) as Sings Meme Song
  • Mr. Pernickety as (Benny says:NO)
  • Little Miss Calamity as Tuba
  • Noddy as Flute
  • Huckle Cat as Drums

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