Ethan to Do : it's your Birthday Ever March 29, 2011

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(00:00:14) Today is your Birthday

(00:00:16) Here my Shopping Cart

(00:00:21) Which Toy do you Want?

(00:00:28) Want to Pin the Tail on the Donkey

(00:00:36) Yep!

(00:00:38) Want to the Party Kit

(00:00:42) Yes!

(00:00:45) (Ethan) Mom Let's Help the Cash Register

(00:00:53) (Ka-Ching)

(00:00:56) Save the Money Buy Spending to Party Stuff

(00:01:04) (Mom) Let's Go

(00:01:07) (Driving like Car)

(00:01:12) (Ethan) Hey Tabby! This Noisemaker Please? (Tabby) Thanks!

(00:01:19) (Ethan) Hey Cody! This Present Please? (Cody) Happy Birthday!

(00:01:24) (Ethan) Hey Mom! This Party Hats Please? (Mom) All Course!

(00:01:34) (Ethan) Hey Monty and Billy! This Balloons Please! (Monty and Billy) Nice!

(00:01:44) (Ethan Whispering) Everyone to Place to Hide!

(00:01:49) (Ethan) Hello

(00:01:51) (All) Surprise! Happy Birthday!

(00:01:56) Having a Party Let's Go!

(00:02:00) (Noisemaker Blowing) (Nolan Screaming)

(00:02:09) (Mom) Wow! Look it's the Game! Play Pin the Tail on the Donkey

(00:02:19) Go Up! There!

(00:02:26) (Noisemaker Blowing) (Ethan) That Was Great!

(00:02:34) The End!

(00:02:36) Nolan playing Ipod Games!

(00:02:42) Play the Which Place Do Explorer

(00:02:49) There! There! or There! which Place Do you Want?

(00:02:55) There! That One!

(00:03:06) Go to Birthday Party!

(00:03:13) (cheering)

(00:03:15) Play What's That Sound!

(00:03:20) (barking) This is Sound like the Singing Happy Birthday to You?

(00:03:26) Sorry! (barking) That's the Dog! Right!

(00:03:32) (crowing) This is Sound like the Singing Happy Birthady to You?

(00:03:38) Sorry! (crowing) That's the Rooster! Great!

(00:03:46) ♪ Happy Birthday Dear Ethan ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪

(00:03:54) This is Sound like the Singing Happy Birthday to You?

(00:04:02) Correct! This is Happy Birthday Song!

(00:04:12) (cheering)

(00:04:17) See You Next Time.

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